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The CS: GO community woke up from their slumber today to find that Valve had grabbed a benevolent hand and given them an early Christmas present. Broken Fang, the 10th. CS: GO operation is here. It even comes with a movie trailer (a full 16 seconds long), the first official Counter-Strike movie in eight years.

Broken Fang adds a new replay mode that is available to all players. For three rounds, you play three rounds against three terrorists against four terrorists, with weapons being selected from a load card in each round. Those with the Operation Pass also get access to the competitive Broken Fang Premier mode and an Operation Stats page that collects their personal stats with heatmaps and win rates per card.

There are seven new maps and an Operations Shop that sells rewards for spending ‘Operation Stars’ earned by completing weekly missions. It sells graffiti, patches, stickers, gun collections, a new gun case, and agents dealing with a SWAT team and a criminal crew called The Professionals.

The associated patch also adds a contextual ping system that can be accessed through a customizable chat wheel. Which is nice.

You can find detailed information on the various novelties, cards, active ingredients and cosmetics on the Counter-Strike website.

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World News – GB – CS: GO Operation Broken Fang is now live


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