World News – UK – Dan Snow presents a new Channel 5 show about the Dambusters


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Historian Dan Snow tells Channel 5 of one of the most daring bombing raids of World War II that flown out of Lincolnshire in a new three-part documentary.

The Dambusters: A Daring Plan that kicked off Tuesday, Jan.. December, at 9 p.m. and tells the unbelievable story of the famous attack by 617 Squadron on Germany in May 1943.

Episode 1 introduces Guy Gibson, tasked with hastily assembling and training a crack unit of 133 airmen to only fly 150 feet above water at night, and explains Barnes Wallis’ inspiration behind the jumping bomb.

The second part, called Race Against Time, goes on Wednesday the 2nd. December, off. Viewers will see the fight Barnes Wallis faced to get his bomb to work and how Gibson’s men trained to the wire to hone their skills.

The last part of Attack! Attack! Attack! will be on Thursday, 3rd. December, broadcast and focuses on the devastating attack of the season on the industrial heartland of Germany.

Dan Snow soared to the skies while filming the series to see for himself the challenges of low altitude flying and the accuracy of an improvised bomb sighting device that was critical to the success of the mission.

Dan visited the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Center in East Kirkby – the home of the Lancaster bomber ‘Just Jane’ – and RAF Scampton to film scenes for the show.

He made a splash on Twitter in July when he was amazed by Lincoln’s medieval legacy and admired the historic buildings on his live broadcast from Castle Hill.

Talking expertly about how the French invasion of England was finally halted in the decisive Second Battle of Lincoln in May 1217 after a long siege of the « extremely important » castle on top of the hill, the broadcaster added, « It this story is so awesome. « 

He stood in front of the castle at the site of the battle and said, « This is one of my favorite places in all of Britain – this very place, I just love it. « 

Dan also announced that he would be heading to RAF Scampton the next day to set up a program on Bomber Command.

The last Dambuster surviving is George ‘Johnny’ Johnson MBE, 99, who died on Jan.. Born November 1921 in Hameringham near Horncastle, he dropped his bomb on the tenth approach on the target to just 30 feet and hit the Sorpe dam.

Under the direction of Guy Gibson, the most famous mission of the 617 Squadron brought him on Jan.. / 17. May 1943 the Victoria Cross. A total of 34 gallantry medals were awarded to the participants.

The Mohne and Edersee dams were breached, flooding the Ruhr area. However, the Sorpe dam was only slightly damaged.

Of the 133 airmen who flew in the raid, only 80 survived, three of which were captured by the Germans.

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World News – UK – Dan Snow presents new Channel 5 show about the Dambusters
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Dan Snow Presents New Channel 5- Show about the Dambusters
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