World News – UK – Doctors are putting pressure on a new hospital as patient numbers rise


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The University Hospital Grange in Llanfrechfa opened in November and is already dealing with a high number of Covid-19 patients

Doctors working at Wales’ newest hospital have warned emergency rooms are under « almost insurmountable pressure » as coronavirus cases continue to rise.

The Aneurin Bevan University Health Board suspended all non-urgent planned surgeries on Monday after a weekend that saw large numbers of Covid patients be presented to the emergency room at Grange Hospital in Llanfrechfa, which opened last month.

Dr. Sarah Aitken, interim medical director of Aneurin Bevan, said the health department was dealing with more Covid patients, as well as a higher number of patients, than were hospitalized during the first wave in the spring.

She said staff were « increasingly tired and increasingly desperate » from the serious cases of Covid-19 they are watching in hospitals.

Emergency medicine advisor Doctor Tim Rogerson said Grange University Hospital is under a lot of pressure.

« As you have probably seen, the emergency room is under pressure and our medical admission units in four acute areas are under almost insurmountable pressure, » said Dr. Rogerson in a video released by the health department on Sunday.

« We are in a state where we have more coronavirus patients in our health department beds than we did at the peak of March and April, and that was a time of significant blockade in the community.

« We can see from the data that our numbers are increasing every day and it looks like it will keep increasing for the next few days. « 

According to the latest data from coronavirus. Data. government. In the UK for a period of seven days up to and including 9th. December, three local public health authorities are among the top ten hardest hit areas across the UK.

In the week up to the 3rd. A total of 53 deaths involving Covid-19 were recorded in the Aneurin Bevan Health Board area – 38 of them in hospitals and 13 in nursing homes, according to data from the Office for National Statistics.

On Tuesday the 15th. December, Newport’s 7-day rolling case rate is 622. 6, with Caerphilly at 590. 4, Blaenau Gwent 575. 4, Torfaen 489. 6 and Monmouthshire 311. 9.

More doctors in Welsh hospitals are calling for a national lockdown before Christmas.

Dr. Rogerson asked the public to consider how they can access medical care and continue to work to reduce community transmission.

« We really need our general public to really consider two things over the next few days and weeks, » he said.

« The first thing they think about how to access health care is that we think about where the best place is.

« If you have a major emergency our emergency rooms are of course, but if you are not sure you can call 111 for instructions and advice. There are after-hours general practitioners and pharmacies in the community who can really help.

« The other thing is that we really need to look for ways to reduce coronavirus transmission from the community. The vaccine is here but it’s not going to help for the next few months and we really want to keep the NHS in one piece.

« We need to remember our hand washing, social distancing, and following guidelines about who and when we meet. Because the coronavirus is on the run and unfortunately it’s looming in Wales right now as we can see the numbers go up. « 

Dr. Sarah Aitken, Interim Medical Director of Aneurin Bevan, said: « This weekend we have had more than 400 patients with Covid in our hospitals for a total of more than 1. 400 patients.

« That is more than 100 more patients with Covid and a total of more than 500 more than at the height of the first wave in spring.

« The incidents of Covid in our communities are expected to last a few more weeks, so we can assume that more and more patients with Covid will have to be admitted to our hospitals.

« There are a limited number of beds that we can safely open with the staff we have who are increasingly tired and increasingly concerned about the severe cases of Covid they are watching.

« Please help us to help you by following the instructions and by staying safe over the holiday season, both for yourself and for your family and friends. « 

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World News – UK – Doctors are putting pressure on a new hospital amid rising patient numbers


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