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World News – UK – Dominique Thorne is « Ironheart » in the « Iron Man » spin-off series for Disney

. . Marvel Studios has announced a new "Iron Man" spin-off series called "Ironheart" that fans are dying to see.

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Marvel Studios has announced a new Iron Man spinoff series called Ironheart that fans are dying to see.

Marvel Studios has announced an Ironheart Disney series. Dominique Thorne will star in the title role. Thorne plays the brilliant inventor Riri Williams, who creates the most advanced armor suit since Iron Man himself, Tony Stark. The character has been a fan favorite for years, so the upcoming series is likely to be pretty exciting. With that said, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige didn’t announce a premiere date for the upcoming Disney series, but reiterated that the series will be linked to the big screen adventures in the years to come.

Dominique Thorne is coming soon to #DisneyPlus and is the genius inventor Riri Williams in Ironheart, an original series about the creator of the most advanced armor since Iron Man. image. Twitter. com / VB94VyPr9e

Tony Stark’s legacy will live on in the Ironheart series, along with Spider-Man 3, which is currently being filmed in Atlanta. Riri Williams first appeared in a 2016 edition of Invincible Iron Man. There are many ways the story could go, but Marvel Studios didn’t really point out or suggest any particular direction for the upcoming Disney series during the presentations that evening. Even so, Marvel Studios doesn’t really offer much information on their upcoming projects unless they have to keep all of their secrets from getting out into the world.

Ironheart is just one of ten shows Marvel Studios will bring out over the next few years. In addition to the connections to the MCU big screen projects, each of the shows have connections to each other. Mrs. Marvel will have ties to WandaVision and then take off to play a major role in the long-awaited Captain Marvel 2. In addition to Ironheart, the announced new Disney shows also include Secret Wars with Samuel L.. . Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn, and Armor Wars, with Don Cheadle repeating his role as Iron Man’s sidekick War Machine.

Not even the hardcore MCU fans knew Kevin Feige was going to be announcing Ironheart, Secret Wars, and Armor Wars tonight, which really is proof of how well the studio and team are at keeping secrets. Black Widow and Eternals should both have hit theaters last year, and both stories are ongoing. No real spoilers made their way there, which is impressive to put it mildly.

Ironheart, Secret Wars and Armor Wars will be featured on previously announced shows such as WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, She-Hulk, Moon Knight, Hawkeye, Ms. . Amazement and what if. . . . MCU fans and Star Wars fans alike will look forward to tons of small screens in the months and years to come that don’t even include all of the many films that are being developed for both franchises and cinemas at the same time. You can read the official announcement for the Disney series above thanks to the official Marvel Studios Twitter account.

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World News – UK – Dominique Thorne Is’ Ironheart ‘in’ Iron Man ‘spinoff series for Disney
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