World News – UK – easyJet is changing its cabin bag rules by almost half the allowance


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easyJet’s hand luggage bag guidelines are changing, meaning that passengers are only allowed one small bag on board – and the space required is almost half current rules

easyJet is making a big change to the carry-on allowance for 2021 – and that means the baggage allowance for passengers will be much lower.

The new policy, which applies to flights from 10. February 2021 applies, means that passengers can still bring a bag on board free of charge, but it can fit under the front seat and be no larger than 45 x 36 x 20 cm including handles or wheels.

According to the current policy, passengers can bring a bag on board for free. However, this can be up to 56 x 45 x 25 cm and fit in the locker.

In terms of volume, this means the new rules cut the allowance almost in half. That’s because the average 56 x 45 x 25 cm bag has a volume of approximately 63 liters, while the new 45 x 36 x 20 cm constraint is approximately 32 liters.

It’s worth noting that easyJet has no weight limit on baggage under either policy, although the airline requires passengers to be able to lift the bag and carry it themselves.

According to easyJet, the allowance for smaller bags is still large enough for passengers to « bring all essentials for their trip or for a short trip ». .

In some cases, the new rules allow passengers to bring a larger bag (56 x 45 x 25 cm) on board.

If you book a seat in the front or with additional legroom, you can take your small cabin bag and a second larger bag (56 x 45 x 25 cm) with you on board. The airline states that, depending on the type of aircraft, between 42 and 63 seats of this type can usually be booked.

There are no changes for easyJet Plus cardholders and customers with the FLEXI tariff who still have an additional large cabin bag in their booking. However, if there is no space, these may need to be placed in the cargo hold.

easyJet claims to have made the change to manage the limited space for overhead lockers on aircraft. It is also claimed that the new policy can help reduce waiting times and other delays caused by putting excess cabin bags in the cargo space.

For those trying to try a second bag, the airline has warned, « If you bring a large cabin bag to the departure gate without the correct seat selection, it can’t go into the cabin, and we will. « must check it into the aircraft room for a fee ». The same applies to a bag that exceeds the maximum size available when you booked.

Passengers who have already booked a flight that will be canceled after the 10th. If you plan to leave in February, the « Hands Free » package is offered at no additional cost, with which you can bring a large overhead cabin bag, which can be brought into the hold for free at bag drop.

Alternatively, they are offered the option of buying a front seat or extra legroom.

easyJet is not the only airline to offer this type of hand baggage policy. For example, Ryanair only allows passengers to bring a small piece of luggage on board. If you want to bring larger hand luggage, you have to opt for priority boarding or, alternatively, you can pay extra for a second 10 kg piece of checked baggage.

Wizz Air also allows a free small bag on board – passengers who wish to bring an additional bag must add WIZZ Priority to their booking.

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World news – GB – easyJet is changing its rules for hand luggage with almost half of the free baggage allowance



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