World News – UK – Elvis Presley didn’t play his own records over the Christmas period – here’s what they heard instead


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Elvis Presley is still a widely celebrated icon of rock and roll music. He is arguably one of the most famous people of his time, and his impression is great. When a lot of people think of the celebrity, they automatically think of his ex-wife, Priscilla Presley. The two met in West Germany in 1959 and would eventually tie the knot in Las Vegas in 1967. But luck didn’t seem to last and they divorced in 1973.

When the holiday season is in full swing, it’s nice to remember memories from the past when it comes to Elvis. What records did the famous singer play for Christmas? Priscilla once revealed the details in an interview.

The couple met by chance when Priscilla was invited to one of the Elvis parties in West Germany. Her stepfather was stationed there in the underground. S.. . Luftwaffe, and Elvis himself was in Europe in the U. . S.. . Army at the time. She went to Elvis’ party and Priscilla was only in ninth grade at the time.

In the 1985 cover story for People, Priscilla wrote of their first meeting: “I saw Elvis try to get my attention. I noticed that the less reaction I showed, the more he started singing just for me. I couldn’t believe Elvis Presley was trying to impress me. ”

Despite their age difference, they would start dating. In 1960 Elvis left Germany to return to the USA. Nevertheless, the two talked by phone and Priscilla sent him letters and she was finally able to visit him.

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In 1962, Priscilla spent Christmas at Graceland, Elvis’ famous home in Memphis, Tennessee. She soon finished nearby high school, and in 1966 Elvis asked her to marry him a few weeks before Christmas, and she accepted.

Priscilla spoke on World Cafe radio in 2017 [via NPR] and she spoke to Elvis about Christmas memories, including the records they had played during the holiday season. But did Elvis and Priscilla listen to his music at Christmas? Apparently he didn’t play his own records and instead listened to other artists.

« No, we didn’t play any Elvis records, » revealed Priscilla. « He just didn’t want his music. He was really quite shy and was almost a little embarrassed playing his own records. If he played anyone’s records, it would really be other artists. And there would be Roy Orbison, I know we played with Pretty Papers. He loved that. He played Brenda Lee. He loved Glen Campbell. He definitely had different artists that he would hear. We had a lot of radio on the radio. You know, you’d walk into the room and either a radio or a television was on. But mostly the radio. So he heard music on the radio. ”

Despite the many Christmas carols Elvis sang, they didn’t listen to it during the holiday season.

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World News – UK – Elvis Presley didn’t play his own records over the Christmas period – here’s what they heard instead
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