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Leeds are an exciting addition to the Premier League but haven’t always scored points to reward their best performances under Marcelo Billusa. They were unlucky not to beat Arsenal last time, but they raised their standards when they faced the toughest opponent of the best flight. To complete Man City against Burnley, follow all of the steps below:

Close! Leeds is not ahead anyway. First, Rafinha is pulled out of the rear post and Pickford pulls his nails out. A low shot from Harrison clears the Godfrey line. Everton will not be able to keep up with visitor progress over the past three years.

Rodriguez lifts the free kick into the box and Keane climbs to the top and sends a header over the bar.

Rodriguez throws the ball into the net! But the flag is up. Richlison lifts a cross into the back post and the Colombian somehow lands on the chest on the sideline before overtaking Meslier and shooting from a tight angle. He does a great job of scoring in such a tight space, but he’s easily sidelined so it doesn’t count.

opportunity! Rafinha moves Dallas to the left. Some Sloppy Everton defenders allow them to steal the click and get the ball into Bamford, making the best profit from a low, first-time Pickford shot. Leeds should probably be ahead here.

Bamford isn’t Pickford’s most convincing goalkeeper. He hides and scatters a cliché crossing. Thanks to the Everton man, he can collect it on the second try.

Again Rafinha escapes from the right. He plays a good pass inside and runs a low shot Philips from 20 meters away. This falls into the hands of Pickford.

The clutch blocked on the edge of the box has a try. There is still no lack of intent to attack.

Everyone would do well to move the ball forward and find Richardson on the left. The Brazilian evaluates his options, moves the ball to his right foot and hits a muffled shot towards Meslier.

opportunity! Active Rafinha clears the matches on the right, cuts into them and plays a nice pass to Harrison’s feet. His finish is poor due to the pressure from Pickford.

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World News – GB – Everton v Leeds Live: Latest updates for the Premier League today
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