World News – UK – First Leicester City team moves to £ 100 million training ground


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New facilities could attract more star players and lead the club to further national and European successes

Leicester City will train for the first time on Christmas Eve at its new state-of-the-art base for £ 100 million.

The 2015/16 Premier League winners will move into the new facility in Seagrave between Loughborough and Melton following a two-year construction plan.

It is to be hoped that the new facilities will help lead the club to further national and European successes. The new base has 31 play areas, including 14 large playing fields, an indoor training center and a 499-seater floodlit show playing field.

It also features some of the best sports science and medical facilities available, as well as bespoke fitness and hydrotherapy facilities.

The change of the first team will be followed by the club’s entire men’s and academy football operation in the coming weeks. The club has announced that its Belvoir Drive training ground on the edge of the city center – what it’s used for 60 years? will be home to LCFC Women.

The women’s team, which was taken over by LCFC last August, turned pro this summer and is currently leading the FA Women’s Championship.

Leicester City Chairman Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha said, “The club has made some tremendous progress over the past 10 years. In terms of our long-term future, this is perhaps the greatest.

â ???? A new training ground was a dream for many years, so we were able to implement it with great pride. Seagrave will be a central part of the club’s operations for future generations.

???? Of all the investments we’ve made in the club, this was our most significant.

â ???? It’s an investment in our players of today and our players of tomorrow that puts some of the best facilities in the world at the heart of their everyday lives.

« It takes the club’s offering for its players and employees to a completely new level and is a key component in shaping our progress over the last few years. « .

???? Belvoir Drive has served the club wonderfully and has been a spiritual home for the Leicester City teams for generations.

â ???? That it is the home of LCFC Women is a fine legacy for a historic place.

â ???? The investments we have made over the past 10 years have made it an excellent professional training place from which to continue its considerable development. â ????

City’s first team will be on 23. Train on Belvoir Drive for the last time on December 12th before operations move from Christmas Eve to Seagrave.

The Foxes, runner-up in the Premier League, welcomes Manchester United to King Power Stadium on Boxing Day.

Manager Brendan Rodgers believes the new City training ground will help bridge the gap with Europe’s elite clubs and attract more talented players to the club.

As he spoke this month, he said, « This is just right for the best in the world. « . It’s an absolutely incredible investment by the club.

â ???? It’s one of the big reasons to come here. I am a developer, this is my life. It’s a no-expense-spared facility, it’s phenomenal.

« There is no excuse for a player. « . When you talk about influencing the players to get better and better, you need the environment and the people there, but there is no excuse while you are there not to get better if you want to because it has everything.

â ???? It offers everything you could want at the elite level of modern football, from sports science to the playing fields to the academy.

And last year he said: « In the future you will see the ambition of the training facility because every good player, regardless of age, wants to get better. « .

â ???? We’re going to move into one of the best training grounds in the world, and that’s so exciting as a development coach. That’s a big selling point.

â ???? In terms of development, this is going to be a great suggestion for you. You can come here and develop and become a real footballer.

â ???? Sometimes all the other things can get you carried away in the Premier League, but the bottom line is that you are here to be a player and maximize your career and you will get the chance to do that if you want to improve. â ????

In a similar vein, Rodgers believes the facility will help convince the city’s stars to stay on the pitch rather than move elsewhere, as has happened with Ben Chilwell, Harry Maguire, Riyad Mahrez and others Fall was last seasons.

City may still not be able to compete with the top clubs when it comes to transfer fees and salary offers, but the ability to improve players at the new training ground could be crucial.

The manager said in the summer, « It’s huge because a big part of the solution for us competing at the top of the table is developing players. « .

« We don’t have the budget and the financial means of some clubs, the so-called bigger clubs. « .

« It will be one of the best in the world, it will give us the opportunity to develop the players and that will be very important.  » for us.

â ???? As someone who has been developing their whole life and has adopted that mindset into management, the importance of it is critical. â ????

The cryotherapy units and hydropools help heal the players. Body faster, which is important in such a busy season.

« I think the immediate benefits will be that we go to a top notch facility that allows us to recover even better. « Rodgers said last month.

« We’re going to Seagrave for pools, hydropools, and cryotherapy. Everything will be there to recover. « . That will be great for us at this time when the games are going to be close and fast.

â ???? If we get into it, it will raise the standard and level of everything. That was a big draw to come here. Attend a world class training facility where you can develop and grow as a team. â ????

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World News – UK – Leicester City’s first team moves to £ 100 million training ground
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