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Leicester City is slated to move into its state-of-the-art £ 100million base at Seagrave this week before boxing, day two versus three against Manchester United

Leicester City has spiced up its upcoming move to its new £ 100 million training ground, which is set to take the club to the next level.

After two years of construction, the state-of-the-art headquarters in Seagrave is now ready for players who are expected to move this week. An announcement due later on Tuesday that the club teased with a picture of the new training ground on social media.

The new base will have first-class sports science facilities and 14 full-size parking spaces, an indoor training center and a 499-seater show space for youth games.

Brendan Rodgers believes the new training ground will help City in the market by allowing them to attract more talented players to the club.

He believes that every player wants to improve and they will see that it can be done at Seagrave.

« Going forward, look at the facility’s ambitions because every good player, regardless of age, wants to get better, » Rodgers said last year. “We’re going to move into one of the best training grounds in the world, and that’s so exciting as a development coach. That’s a big selling point.

“In terms of development, this will be a great deal for you. You can come here and develop and become a real footballer.

« Sometimes you can get carried away with all the other things in the Premier League, but the bottom line is that you are here to be a player and maximize your career and you are going to get the chance to do that, if you want to do better yourself. ”

Similarly, Rodgers believes the facility will help convince the city’s stars to stay on the pitch rather than settle elsewhere, as has been the case with Ben Chilwell, Harry Maguire, Riyad Mahrez in recent years and others did.

Before James Maddison signed his new deal that summer, Rodgers said the training ground would be a factor in convincing him that the club was the best place for him.

« I see his development here, » said Rodgers. « We will be moving to a new training facility and he has everything he needs to improve his game. « . He’s the type of player who wants to get better. In my time, I’ve seen him develop and grow both in his personality and in his game. ”

He added last month: “The players are very excited. It will be really sensational to drive to work every day. The pitches, the analysis, the sports science, the medicine, it’s going to be an amazing facility. ”

City may still not be able to compete with the top clubs when it comes to transfer fees and salary offers, but the ability to upgrade players at the new training ground will be a « solution » to that and help the club close the gap to the elite.

« It’s huge because a big part of the solution for us competing at the top of the table is developing players, » Rodgers said over the summer.

“We don’t have the budget and the financial means of some clubs, the so-called bigger clubs. It will be one of the best in the world, it will give us the opportunity to develop the players and that will be very important to us.

“As someone who has been developing their whole life and has adopted that mindset into management, the importance of it is critical. ”

He added this month, “This is spot for the best in the world. It’s an absolutely incredible investment by the club.

« It’s one of the big reasons to come here. I am a developer, this is my life. It is a facility where no expense has been spared. It’s phenomenal.

« There is no excuse for a player. When you talk about influencing the players to get better and better, you need the environment and the people there, but there is no excuse when you are there not to get better when you want to because it has everything.

“It offers everything you could want at the elite level of modern football, from sports science to the playing fields to the academy.

The cryotherapy units and hydropools help heal players’ bodies faster, which is crucial in such a busy season.

« I think the immediate benefits will be that we go to a world class facility where we can relax even better, » Rodgers said last month.

« We’re going to Seagrave for pools, hydropools, and cryotherapy. Everything will be there to recover. « . That will be great for us at this time when the games are going to be close and fast.

« If we go into this it will raise the standard and level of everything. That was a big draw to come here. Attend a world class training facility where you can develop and grow as a team. ”

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World News – UK – Four Ways A New Training Grounds Take City To The Next Level When The Club Teases Are Moving
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