World News – UK – GCHQ shares annual Christmas card puzzle for « wise men and women »


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GCHQ asked the « wise men and women in your household » to solve its annual Christmas card puzzle.

The Secret Service employs the best problem-solving minds to keep the land safe, and the humble puzzle is crucial in testing code breakers’ skills.

The cyber spy agency has once again solved one of its notoriously challenging puzzles to test the intelligence of the UK public.

Following the Safety Agency’s Snowflake Sudoku director last year, Jeremy Fleming unveiled a Christmas card that contains one of “the most diabolical puzzles yet” for the “wise men”.

This year it takes the form of a festive gimmick with a hidden message in it, and those who try must complete a series of letter sequences before planning their answer from some enigmatic « frosty » location.

« When you face this Christmas cracker, puzzlers get a glimpse of the skills you need to be a GCHQ analyst.

“Bring a mix of minds together by sharing them with the wise men and women in your household to find the solution. ”

To find the solution, the wise men must find the missing letter at the end of nine seemingly random sequences on the Christmas card, which shows a stylized gimmick with an arrow.

The card instructs code breakers: “Draw your single letter answers in the corresponding gold knots on the gimmick.

The challenge was developed by GCHQ employees who use puzzles to develop their skills in the world of cybersecurity.

The Telegraph will reveal the answer to the annual conundrum on Saturday, and readers can see how close they have come to the ability of British intelligence experts to crack code.

Last year a Sudoku-inspired snowflake that had to be colored in tested puzzle fans in order to solve it.

Along with the Christmas Challenges, the agency has over 500 from the sale of GCHQ Puzzle Books. £ 000 raised for Heads Together mental health charity.

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World News – GB – GCHQ shares annual Christmas card puzzle for ‘wise men and women’
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