World News – UK – GCSE and A-Level students receive more generous grades and warn about exam topics


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students are allowed to take study aids into some exam rooms and receive second changes to place their papers if forced to stay home due to coronavirus

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Students will be tagged more generously and warned about topics in advance as part of new summer exam plans.

GCSE and A-Level students are allowed to take study aids into some exam halls and get a second chance to post if the coronavirus forces them to miss their main exams.

Officials have drafted new guidelines for the 2021 exams in England fearing students might lose out due to school breaks due to the pandemic.

Official figures show that more than a fifth (22%) of secondary school students on Jan.. November missed school for the second time in a row because of Covid-19.

Self-isolating students who miss one or more exams may still receive a grade after completing part of their qualification.

The move will dampen speculation that England might follow Wales by canceling next year’s summer trials.

In Scotland 5 national exams – synonymous with GCSEs – have been deleted, but Highers – the A-level equivalent – will be carried out.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson had always insisted that after this summer’s results fiasco, there would be exams in 2021 that saw thousands of students see their grades downgraded by a computer algorithm.

Ministers were forced to turn around after a public outcry so students could keep their teacher-predicted grades.

The summer exams have already been postponed by three weeks so that the students have more time to prepare.

« So next year the exams will be different and will take extraordinary steps to make sure they are as fair as possible. ”

Elementary schools will also be removing key Stage 1 tests in reading and math and English tests in Key Stage 2 for one year.

Inspections at Full Ofsted won’t resume until the summer semester, and exam results won’t be included in school achievement tables this year, according to the Department of Education.

Paul Whiteman, General Secretary of the NAHT School Leaders Union, said: “This announcement brings much-needed relief to school leaders who have worked in ’emergency mode’ for most of this year. ”

He added, “While the government has not gone as far as we would have liked, it has clearly moved towards a career. ”

Geoff Barton, general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL), said the plan would make the exams « as fair as possible, given the circumstances. ». .

« It’s not perfect – nothing can be said given the fact that learning has been so disrupted by the coronavirus and that students have been affected to very different degrees, » he said.

« The uncertainty has lasted far too long and you (teachers) need to be able to prepare their students for these important exams. ”

Dr. However, Mary Bousted, joint secretary general of the National Education Union, said the proposals were « insufficient » to ensure fairness to disadvantaged students, including 700. 000 students who do not have access to laptops or the Internet.

She said, “Students and their teachers will be concerned that these changes will be as different as they are in other UK countries as these students compete for places and jobs. ”

Shadow Education Secretary Kate Green accused the government of « trembling and being late » in making plans, making schools difficult to prepare and causing great stress for students.

She added: « These proposals still do not provide enough security for students in the regions hardest hit by the coronavirus, whose learning is severely disrupted.

« The government’s new group of experts urgently needs to determine how they will make exams fair for these students and what action will be taken now for students who take exams next school year and are now losing learning. ”

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World News – UK – GCSE and A-Level students receive more generous grades and warning before exam topics
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