World News – UK – “Generous Grades” for GCSE and A-Level Exam Students in 2021


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The exams are due to take place in England next year – but with additional measures to ensure that students get’ a fair grade that reflects their ability ‘.

Following news that the Welsh government should abolish GCSE and A-level exams next year, many concerned parents in Birmingham hoped the same would happen for their children after the disorder caused by the Covid pandemic.

Today, Thursday the 3rd. December, the Department of Education said the exams would be held in England – but students would be given « additional measures » to improve fairness.

« Exams are the best way to give young people an opportunity to show what they can do, which is why it is so important that they take place next summer, » said Education Secretary Gavin Williamson.

« But this is not the usual. I know students face unprecedented learning disabilities. Because of this, the exams will be different for the next year and will take extraordinary steps to ensure they are as fair as possible.

« I am determined to support students, parents and teachers in these unprecedented times, and I hope that actions such as more generous grading and advance notice on some subject areas give young people the clarity and confidence they need to be each successful achieve. « 

In addition to the three-week exam delay announced in October to free up extra class time, the new measures include:

There will also be adaptations that will benefit students who acquire professional and technical qualifications. Emergency measures are put in place to ensure students get a grade if they miss exams due to self-isolation or illness.

For primary assessments, key Level 1 tests in English reading and math, as well as the English grammar, punctuation, and spelling tests in Key Levels 1 and 2 will be removed for one year to address the challenges of the pandemic.

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Leora Cruddas, Executive Director of the Confederation of School Trusts, said: « Given the interruption in classes last year and the likelihood of persistent disruption this year, it is becoming increasingly likely that large numbers of students will not be able to. « covers all the content required for exams, as it would in a normal year.

« These steps help students feel confident about their exams as an important step in making the system as fair as possible. « 

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It was also announced that the full, tiered Ofsted inspections will not resume until the summer semester. Until then, surveillance inspections will be carried out at schools and universities, which are currently classified as « inadequate ». or « in need of improvement ».

Performance tables will be different this year too. Test and examination results are not taken into account, but are replaced by presence information as well as the objectives of the students and the subjects taken in key phases 4 and 5.

The government has also reviewed distance learning guidelines and released updated expectations to provide more clarity for schools, colleges, parents and students. Primary schools are expected to offer an average of at least three hours per day of distance learning, while secondary schools are expected to offer at least four hours. value.

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World News – UK – ‘Generous Grades’ Promised for GCSE and A-level exam student in 2021
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