. . World News – UK – High drug cost could be over 1. 1 million premature deaths in ten years


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A new study by the AmerisourceBergen Research Branch, West Health Policy Center, shows that more than 1. 1 million Medicare beneficiaries will die prematurely over the next decade due to the high cost of drugs.

The researchers predicted that around 112. 000 beneficiaries would die due to cost-related drug therapy non-compliance based on current drug prices in the market.

According to EurekAlert! Cost-related drug non-compliance will be the number one leading cause of death in the US, just ahead of other diseases like diabetes, influenza, pneumonia, and kidney failure.

Also, millions are suffering from deteriorating health conditions that would cost Medicare medical expenses and cost an additional $ 18 billion each year for ten years.

The researchers have created a model that shows what will happen if Medicare lowers drug prices for its beneficiaries by negotiating directly with drug companies.

They found that negotiations between the two parties increase to 94 each year. 000 deaths. Additionally, the model found Medicare would cut spending by about $ 475. 9 billion by 2030.

Timothy Lash, president of the West Health Policy Center, said patients who do not take their medications as prescribed are a leading cause of poor health, hospital admissions, higher health care costs and premature deaths.

« Cost non-compliance is a significant and growing problem that is a direct result of drug prices spiraling out of control and non-implementation of policies and regulations that make drugs more affordable, » said Lash.

According to the Common Dreams report, policy changes can lower drug prices set by Big Pharma, which can lead to less preventable deaths.

In recent years, drug prices have skyrocketed, with branded drugs increasing 159%. Prescription drug spending will grow rapidly over the next few years relative to other critical medical goods or services, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) forecast.

Medicare beneficiaries would have to pay 25% of the price of generic and prescription drugs due to the rise in prices. For people with various health problems, it would mean paying thousands of dollars in expenses every year.

Sean Dickson, director of health policy at West Health Policy Center and chairman of the Council on Informed Analysis of Drug Spending (CIDSA), said the cost of doing nothing when policy changes can save many Medicare beneficiaries’ lives is so great.

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World News – UK – High drug costs could be over 1. 1 million premature deaths in ten years
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