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Students taking exams next year will benefit from more generous grades and advance notice of subject areas, the government said.

The Department of Education said it will put in place a « Package of Exceptional Measures » to make exams as fair as possible in 2021 and to deal with the disruption caused by Covid-19.

In recognition of the challenges students face this year, the grades will be more generous, students will be given advance notice of some subject areas, and steps will be taken to ensure that every student gets a grade, even if he misses a job due to self-isolation or illness.

Building on the three-week delay of the exams announced in October to free up additional teaching time, the new measures include:

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said: « Exams are the best way to give young people an opportunity to show what they can do, which is why it is so important to have them next summer.

« But this is not the usual. I know students face unprecedented learning disabilities. Because of this, the exams will be different for the next year and will take extraordinary steps to ensure they are as fair as possible.

« I am determined to support students, parents and teachers in these unprecedented times, and I hope that actions such as more generous grading and advance notice on some issues give young people the clarity and confidence they need to be able to achieve any success. » achieve. ”

The government announced that today’s announcement follows an extensive engagement with Ofqual, examination boards and leaders across the education sector.

They believe the activities recognize that teachers went out of their way to support their students during a difficult time. However, some young people have had more disruptions in their classroom than others and need additional support to catch up on the curriculum and achieve their potential in exams.

In these cases, students are provided with advance notice of some subject areas and exam aids to ensure they can move on to their next level of education, training, or employment with the grades they deserve.

Students gaining professional and technical qualifications will also see adjustments to ensure equality between general and professional qualifications. Some professional qualifications require more different adjustments due to the different types of qualifications.

The government has also developed a series of emergency measures with Ofqual, which means that students who miss one or more exams due to self-isolation or illness but have still completed part of their qualification will continue to receive a grade.

If a student misses all of his or her marks in a subject, they have the option to take an emergency paper shortly after the main exams. In the extreme case where a student has a legitimate reason to miss all of their work, a validated teacher-informed assessment can be used once all chances of an exam have been passed.

The government will provide more details on this process and how it will adapt to audits in the New Year.

The government has also announced that the full, tiered Ofsted inspections will not resume until the summer semester.

In the meantime, Ofsted will be conducting supportive surveillance inspections of schools and colleges that are currently classified as “insufficient” and some schools that are “in need of improvement”. . These inspections focus on key issues such as curriculum, distance learning, and student attendance, especially vulnerable children.

Ofsted will continue to have authority to inspect a school, further education or provider at a young age if they have serious concerns, including about protection and distance learning.

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World News – GB – How GCSE and A Level The exams are for students at Year 2021 will be different
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