World news – UK – Hugh Grant’s health: The disabled actor describes his unusual ordeal for coronavirus – symptoms


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Hugh Grant is back on the screens, albeit much smaller than we are used to seeing him on it. The Hollywood legend is not known to circulate cinema for television, but he recently made an exception for his ruling. The British actor is currently playing the title role in the thriller The Undoing, alongside Nicole Kidman, 53.

Hue’s exit from the big screen wasn’t the only sudden development in his life recently.

The star recently revealed he was infected with the Coronavirus last winter on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

British legend was quick to reassure Stephen and his fans that he had developed antibodies to viral pathogens and that he had been tested for them over the past month..

« Then my eyeballs felt three sizes too big and it felt as if an enormous man was sitting on my chest – Harvey Weinstein or someone.

“I thought I didn’t know what this was. Then I was walking down the street one day and thinking I couldn’t smell something damn thing and started to panic.

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Around the same time, people began to realize that loss of smell was a symptom, he said.

Hugh’s sense of smell rapidly deteriorated, leading him to seek desperate measures to try to get it back.

Sarcastically how he resorted to spraying his wife Chanel no. 5, a step that ultimately proved useless but « blind ».

According to the NHS, loss of smell is one of the main warning signs of Coronavirus.

According to a study published in PLOS Medicine led by Professor Rachel Batterham (UCL Obesity Research Center, Department of Medicine and UCLH), participants who lost their sense of smell were three times more likely to develop SARS-CoV-2 (the coronavirus that causes COVID-19). Compared with antibodies to loss of taste.

In this study, the researchers looked at a group of people in the community with a loss of smell and / or taste, to see how many people had antibodies..

Since a high proportion of this group contains antibodies, this indicates that loss of smell and / or taste is a strong predictor of COVID-19 infection..

Anyone in a support bubble should also stay home if you’ve been in close contact with them since the symptoms began or within 48 hours before they began..

The support bubble is where a person who lives alone (or only with their children) can meet people from another home.

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World News – GB – Hugh Grant’s Health: An actor who backed out of his extraordinary ordeal due to the Coronavirus


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