World News – UK – ICC World Test Championship: What must Australia, India, England, New Zealand and Pakistan do to qualify for the final?


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The coronavirus pandemic had brought many cricket series to a standstill from March to June and this had wreaked havoc on the ICC Test World Cup 2019 cycle. 2021. However, with the resumption of Test Cricket in July with England’s streak against the West Indies and Pakistan, the ICC World Test Championship is back on track. However, with the coronavirus still present, there are doubts whether the final of the ICC World Championship will take place in Lords in June 2021. On the other hand, the situation required some changes in the points system when it came to the ICC World Championships.

In mid-November, the ICC proposed that the final of the ICC World Championship should be played between the teams that have achieved the highest percentage of points from the points they contested. This new formula changed the table slightly, with Australia now in second place while India is in second place. England is in third place, followed by New Zealand in fourth and Pakistan in fifth.

With Test Cricket back in full swing from December onwards, here is the scenario every team must do to reach the final in Lords in June 2021.

In the old system, teams with the maximum points would reach the final. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the teams with the highest percentage of points win. How is that calculated? For example: India has a total of 360 out of the 480 points it contested. 360 divided by 480 in 100 gives 75 percentage points. The maximum that the teams can fight for is 720 points, as each team plays a total of six series (three away games, three home games)

Australia is at the top with 82. 2 percentage points, 296 of 360 points. Their series against Bangladesh has been canceled and they only have two series against India and South Africa. If they win the series against India and South Africa, they will qualify for the final. If they both lose, they lose order. If they beat India 4-0, their percentage rises to 86. 6 percent and if you win against the Proteas you will go to 90. If they lose to South Africa they will slide to 69, which could prove dangerous.

The New Zealand team may be the doer or the breaker whose team qualifies for the finals. You have two series against West Indies and Pakistan, which are both two test series. If they win all four Tests, they will get 420 points out of just 600 since their series against Bangladesh was canceled. That gives them 70 percentage points and it should be enough if India loses heavily to Australia and England doesn’t lose to India by a large margin. If New Zealand loses any of the Tests, these can be eliminated.

For India there are currently a total of eight tests against Australia and England. If they win in Australia and beat England at home they will be guaranteed a ticket to Lords. However, if they lose 4-0 to Australia they will have to whitewash England at home. If they have a 4-4 rating, they have a 66 percent win share. So every game from now on is hugely important and you will see exactly what New Zealand does.

England still has two series, but they are all in Asia. The seven tests, including three against Sri Lanka and four against India, will be massive. If they lose all of their tests in Asia, they will be eliminated. If they win against Sri Lanka but lose to India, their outcome will depend on how Pakistan and New Zealand do in the series.

Pakistan has one more test against Bangladesh while the two remaining series take place in New Zealand and South Africa. If they beat New Zealand their chances will be better if England lose all seven Tests in Asia. If Australia is beaten in South Africa and India is beaten in Australia, Pakistan must win in South Africa too if it has a slim chance of reaching the final in Lords.

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World News – UK – ICC World Test Championship: What Australia, India Do England, New Zealand and Pakistan have to do to qualify for the final?



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