World News – UK – Kent Coronavirus Live: Infection Rates Rise as 9 Schools Close in Medway


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Kent, along with the rest of the country, will enact new tiered coronavirus restrictions when the national lockdown on Jan.. December ends.

Boris Johnson confirmed yesterday (23. November) at a declaration to the Commons that a new, tougher regional system will be introduced. .

Rising infection rates across the county have resulted in public health officials and the council warning people to obey the rules.

Swale now has the highest infection rate in the country, and Thanet is now also in the top 5 nationwide.

On Monday (23. November) an emergency meeting was held in Swale to respond to the latest numbers. Swale Borough Council Chairman Roger Truelove acknowledged that “the vast majority of cases are community broadcast. ‘

Ashford Rep. Damian Collins yesterday called for restrictions to be imposed at the local district level.

Boris Johnson, however, reiterated that « the disease does not respect the borough’s boundaries, » suggesting a possible nationwide restriction.

It’s now a little over a month until Christmas, and infection rates are still rising across the county.

Swale and Thanet are both present in the five worst hit areas in the country. Local leaders warn that restrictions will continue unless the numbers fall.

Medway is also seeing an increase in cases, with the highest number of cases in Kent last week.

Medway Council Chairman Alan Jarrett said last week, « If the rate of infection continues to rise rapidly, not only will tragic lives be lost, but we will face even tighter restrictions in the future. « . « 

At least nine schools across Medway have introduced entire schools or significant school closings in the past few days.

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World News – UK – Kent Coronavirus live: Infection rates rise as 9 schools in Medway close


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