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???? British vacationers returning from high risk countries will cut their quarantine period from 14 days to five plus A Covid test from mid-December marks a victory for The Telegraph’s Test4Travel campaign.

The plan was confirmed by Secretary of Transportation Grant Shapps, who also said he also wants the quarantine to be replaced with daily testing in the New Year.

Tim Alderslade, Managing Director of Airlines UK, the industry association representing UK registered airlines, said: “This is a very welcome move that will usher in the process of opening up international travel and restarting UK aviation. [. . . ] If we cut the quarantine time more than half, demand should return for the time being and more routes and destinations should become viable again. « 

He added, « That is, a test on Jan.. Day will not get rid of the quarantine and so we look forward to working with the government to secure an advance departure or domestic trip. « A test procedure that can safely eliminate the need for self-isolation as quickly as possible. â ????

Before the new quarantine system, from the 2nd. December public holidays again permitted for those in levels 1 and 2. Under the new plan, travelers arriving in the UK will have to pay for their own tests, which they can pre-book through an approved list of companies. They are expected to cost between £ 65 and £ 180.

However, it took the government 24 weeks to develop this plan. The only action that needs to be taken now is to publish the approved list of test providers, and this has yet to be done.

The low-cost airline Ryanair will offer. December 20 percent discount on all flights after the government’s new quarantine system was confirmed and the holidays resumed after the lockdown.

The airline said the new rules, reducing quarantine to five days with a Covid test, were « progress, but not enough to reopen the UK for the Christmas season ». .

Ryanair has asked the UK government to coordinate with Europe and remove any quarantine for travelers with a negative Covid test 72 hours before they arrive in the UK.

A list of test centers next to Ryanair airports has been added to its website to help passengers book their test when booking their flights home.

A Ryanair spokesperson said: « The UK’s ‘Test & Release’ system is another step towards opening the UK this Christmas, but it is missing the hundreds of thousands of UK citizens flying home at Christmas time. With Covid testing now widespread, the [government] should lift quarantine restrictions and allow citizens to move around freely once they have a negative Covid test 72 hours before arrival.

As reported below, the country’s borders are still closed to non-residents. However, it opens up travel between states for the time being because viral infections are slow to develop.

The state of Queensland, a popular vacation spot, will allow visitors from the country’s two most populous states, New South Wales (NSW) and Victoria, next week after closing their borders in August.

NSW has since recorded a month of no Covid-19 cases where the source is unknown and restrictions on arriving from Sydney on Jan.. December will be relaxed, said the Prime Minister of Queensland, Annastacia Palaszczuk.

Residents of Victoria, formerly the country’s coronavirus hotspot, will also be welcomed if the state has no new cases on Wednesday, which would mean 26 days with no community transmission.

NSW and Victoria opened their border on Monday, while the South Australian-Victorian border is fully open next week. This is welcome news for local airlines Qantas Airways and Virgin Australia. Qantas said that before Christmas there was more than 1. There will be 200 return flights from Victoria and NSW to Queensland.

Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps said the new tests to reduce quarantine time for travelers returning from locations not on the government’s travel corridor list are « for everyone who travels, » not just business travelers, despite them between £ 65 and £ 65 cost £ 120.

Mr Shapps told BBC Breakfast, « I expect the cost of testing will come down as this market gets going.

« Especially since some of these new test types have come out and have not been specified – people have heard terms like PCR tests and laboratory tests and lateral flow – instead of specifying a test type, we have specified a specification standard for those tests medical experts.

« It’s up to companies to innovate if they can do a test for a lot less money or a much faster turnaround. Then you are welcome to do so as long as it meets the very high standards. « . « 

Australian airline Qantas requires that all passengers on international flights be vaccinated against Covid-19 before boarding their aircraft once a vaccine has been introduced.

« We’re trying to change our terms and conditions for international travelers. We’re going to ask people to get vaccinated before they can get on the plane, « Joyce told Channel 9 in Australia.

« I think this will be a common issue when speaking to my colleagues at other airlines around the world. « 

Qantas is the first major airline to publicly state that it could refuse admission to passengers who have not been vaccinated against the virus.

Australia’s borders are closed to non-residents and Qantas has suspended all international flights except one flight schedule to New Zealand. There are no plans to restart most routes until mid-2021.

The low-cost airline Wizz Air offers customers from 27. November a discount on fast Covid-19 tests and certificates through a partnership with the test provider Confirm Testing.

UK customers who need negative PCR test results to travel or who want to shorten their quarantine time on return have access to a promotional code to purchase confirmation test kits at reduced prices. Confirm with the airline’s « Fit to Fly » promotion code from Testing. The package, which includes a PCR swab test and certificate, retails for £ 85 compared to over £ 110 without a discount.

The test kits contain a collection bottle with saline and a swab, protective packaging, a transparent sample bag to seal the sample, a sample label, an application form and a return envelope with prepaid shipping. Â You will also receive clear and simple instructions on how to collect the sample from your nose and throat. For customers who require a negative test result 72 and 96 hours prior to travel, kits can be ordered weeks in advance of the flight and kept at home. Customers should order tests at least five days in advance of their flight and then take and return the test four days in advance by Royal Mail.

Derek Jones, CEO of the luxury tour operator Kuoni, also underlines the important information that is missing from the new quarantine plan.

Important questions that need to be answered by @grantshapps as soon as possible. . . 1. Is the FCDO Council now being removed from countries outside the corridor? 2. Are people living under Tier 3 restrictions allowed to vacation overseas?

Tour operators told Telegraph Travel that they cannot offer « high risk » trips. Travel destinations, unless the Federal Foreign Office (FCDO) changes its travel advice.

The consumer association, which one? has said the government’s plan to reduce quarantine to five days could add to confusion about travel rules as the FCDO advice against non-essential travel persists for most countries.

People in the UK must carefully weigh their Christmas itineraries if Covid-19 restrictions are temporarily relaxed for a set period of time during the Christmas season, the Transport Secretary said.

« I want to be at the very front with you. We need to ask people to look carefully at each proposed trip and think about the routes they will take, « Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps told BBC Breakfast.

The government said Sunday that restrictions across the UK could be eased over Christmas to allow families to come together for a period of up to five days, which could lead to predictions of a standstill if everyone leaves on the same day.

Christmas is always a busy time to travel, Shapps said, but the pandemic will add additional congestion, especially on the railroads, which require social distancing. He said he would do everything possible to minimize the planned Christmas work on the rail network, but some would have to keep going as it was planned two years in advance.

Airlines UK has welcomed the plan to reduce the quarantine for arrivals from high risk countries. Managing Director Tim Alderslade said: « We should see that demand is returning for the time being and that more routes and destinations become feasible again. « 

While travel guides have welcomed the new quarantine system, many have emphasized that there are still many barriers facing vacationers and the travel industry. Mark Tanzer, Managing Director of ABTA ???? The travel association said:

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World News – UK – Latest travel news: Travel bosses welcome test plan to cut quarantine period to five days



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