World News – UK – Luton boss wants the city to make their mark on the championship


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A lively Luton boss Nathan Jones has stated that his team is determined to make their mark on the championship this season.

The Hatters have made an excellent start to their second campaign at this level. You are in eleventh place, four points behind the play-offs, but above all 10 points before the drop zone.

It’s a world apart from the precarious position Jones found the club in when it took over in May. Six points are down, and his championship status is hanging by a thread.

He flipped it around to achieve safety with a remarkable string of results and has continued that formidable form this season. Luton drove to Cardiff City this afternoon after an undefeated run of four games.

Jones is not satisfied with just surviving in the second division, however, and believes there are many more improvements that need to be made. He says: « There’s a lot more to this team, not just with the support of (fans).

« The background adds that adrenaline and that real spice, but we’re always working because we want to evolve, we want to get better and give them solutions.

“We want to give them trust and put them in a really good place because we want to keep developing.

« If you remember when I first played Cambridge, not many people fondly remember this game as Luton is a free flowing, excellent forefoot football team, but that was the start and we got them to educate to become that.

“After a play-off defeat, we developed slightly, but we were really a wonderful team next season.

“We had a year to develop into a wonderful team, then we knew we were ready to really beat the first division at a good level, and we did.

« We had momentum and added even more power and quality. They gained confidence and more work and we were the best team in the top division.

« From promotion in the second division to the best team in the first division, it’s constant work, persuasion and everything.

« Now they have come to the championship, had a season of survival and establishment, and thought, ‘This is a nice place that we have been working on. « .

« Now they are evolving, we don’t just want to achieve results, we want to exert influence and put our stamp on mastery. « .

« This is a bold, bold statement, and others may listen to this and think, » What are you talking about? These should be down. ‘

« We want to develop into who we want to develop into and that is constant work.

« We have to do a couple of punches on the chin and punches on the nose, but we’ll ride them and keep coming back stronger because we have a fair bit of experience at the level. « .

« But now we want more than experience. If we develop so quickly, we will have a bright future. ”

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World News – UK – Luton boss wants Town to make her mark on the championship


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