World News – UK – Mackenzie Crook returns as Worzel Gummidge for the Christmas Eve special


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Kent actor Mackenzie Crook will return as the title scarecrow

in a Christmas special

Mackenzie Crook, born in Maidstone and raised in Dartford, will return as everyone’s favorite scarecrow this Christmas.

Today’s Christmas episode (24. December) entitled Worzel Gummidge: Saucy Nancy will be shown on BBC One at 5am. 55 o’clock.

If you haven’t seen the series before, it’s about a scarecrow named Worzel Gummidge and his two friends Susan and John.

Simply put, Mr. Gummidge is a talking scarecrow who goes on various adventures with his friends.

The character grew in popularity from 1979-1981 when Doctor Who actor Jon Pertwee took on the role.

A total of 10 books by Barbara Euphan Todd were published between 1936 and 1963. The first paperback versions of the original book were the first picture books published by Puffin.

Worzel Gummidge is a friendly scarecrow brought to life in both the books and the TV adaptation. He lives on Scatterbrook Farm and stands in a ten acre field.

He often gets his two human friends, John and Susan, in trouble for being mischievous.

He tends to pout and returns to a lifeless scarecrow. The two children must be to blame for the problems he caused.

In the original TV show, Worzel can also switch his heads between turnip, mangle root, and swedish heads, which are suitable for specific occasions, and give him various skills that he can’t in the books.

The Christmas Eve Special is only the third episode in the new iteration of Worzel Gummidge with the two previous episodes « The Scarecrow of Scatterbrook » and « The Green Man », both of which were released on Boxing Day and on March 27th last year. December premiered.

In the latest episode, ‘Saucy Nancy’, Shirley Henderson will star alongside the main cast of Mackenzie Crook, India Brown and Thierry Wickens as Saucy Nancy.

Mackenzie is an actor best known as Gareth Keenan in The Office, Ragetti in Pirates of the Caribbean, and Orell in Game of Thrones.

Mackenzie was born in Maidstone, where he received hormone therapy for three years as a child to treat growth hormone deficiency.

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World News – GB – Mackenzie Crook returns as Worzel Gummidge for the Christmas Eve special


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