World News – UK – Melanie Sykes apologizes for breaking Covid-19 rules to film after vacation


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EXCLUSIVE: ITN Productions apologized when Melanie Sykes broke coronavirus lockdown rules a few days after her return from Venice to film in London

Melanie Sykes sparked an apology after breaking the film lockdown rules in London after returning from Italy to see her Italian toy boy.

ITN Productions has now apologized for « falsely » filming TV personality 50 without considering the safe Covid-19 regulations after traveling abroad.

At the time of filming, Mel should have self-isolated in the UK for two weeks after her cursory visit to Venice.

The TV personality was born on Jan.. Pictured on November 11th with her gondolier lover Riccardo Simionato (23) before returning to her home in the UK.

But just four days later, the mother of two children was photographed when she was on the 24th. November in front of the hotel The May Fair and in one of the beautiful rooms.

ITN Productions made a statement to Mirror Online: « The shooting with Melanie Sykes was mistakenly done without considering the Covid protocols required after the trip.

« It was shot with the camera crew and producer at a remote location, and there was no deliberate attempt to break the rules.

« We apologize for the mistake and have reminded our teams of all Covid protocols. The safety of employees, contributors, and the public remains of the utmost importance. « 

Travelers returning from Italy are required to self-isolate for two weeks amid the Covid-19 pandemic, according to the latest government guidelines.

The coronavirus lockdown rules only allow essential travel from the UK to other countries during the second national clampdown.

It is the final week of the restrictions before Britain again uses a tier system to set the rules in different parts of the country.

Apparently Mel disobeyed the rules when she was filming at and around the May Fair a few days after her return.

She wrote on Instagram: « Filming today at Mayfair @reiss, shot by @sallyrowemua. « 

It was all very romantic when they first met and had a short break during their short six day stay in Italy.

She later walked down the aisle with Jack Cockings in 2013, but it didn’t work out and ended in 2016.

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World News – UK – Melanie Sykes apologizes for breaking Covid-19 rules to film after vacation
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