World News – UK – Michael J Fox Health: « I was on my way to paralysis » The actor opened a spinal tumor


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Michael J Fox, 59, had a rapidly growing tumor on the spine, but it was not cancerous. Although the tumor was not cancerous, it caused excruciating pain all over his body. He told People magazine, « I was on my way to paralysis if I didn’t have an operation. ”

He added that the tumor “narrowed the [spinal cord], so they had to be very careful removing it so that it doesn’t cause further damage. ”

The operation was successful and Fox began a four month process of learning to walk again.

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« Spinal tumors that arise from vertebrae (bones), spinal cord, or nerves are called primary tumors, » explains the NHS Foundation Trust at University College London Hospital.

“There are also tumors that spread to the spine because of cancer that starts elsewhere in the body. These are known as secondary tumors or metastases.

“Spinal tumors can put pressure on the spinal cord and / or nerves. Different areas of your body can be affected depending on where the tumor is in your spine. ”

Symptoms of spinal tumors can include pain in the neck, upper or lower back, and arms or legs.

You may also feel numbness, tingling, or weakness in your arms, legs, on your body, or around your buttocks.

Occasionally, people may have trouble going to the bathroom, such as:. B.. control of your bladder and / or bowel function.

Tests to diagnose a spinal tumor usually include MRI and CT scans, advises the NHS Foundation Trust.

It adds, “You may need surgery to remove the tumor, or as much of the tumor as possible.

“Depending on the type of tumor, you can also receive radiation therapy or chemotherapy after surgery or as the main treatment.

Fox showed symptoms of early-onset Parkinson’s disease in 1991 while making the film Doc Hollywood. He was diagnosed shortly afterwards.

The star went public about his condition in 1998 and became a strong advocate of Parkinson’s research.

His foundation, The Michael J. . The Fox Foundation was created to advance research into a cure for the disease.

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World News – GB – Michael J Fox Health: « I was on my way to paralysis » The actor opens up a spinal tumor


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