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World News – UK – Naga Munchetty called for « removal » from the BBC after an « unprofessional » clash with Tory MP

. . NAGA MUNCHETTY's clash with Gavin Williamson was not well received by the BBC Breakfast viewers. The presenter's interview technique was questioned and fans therefore demanded that she be "removed" from the news program.

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Naga Munchetty questioned Gavin Williamson about the government’s announcement of additional measures to ensure that next year’s summer exams are « fair » for English students. The BBC breakfast host asked why Scotland and Wales took a different approach, but the BBC viewers were angry with their interview style and went to Twitter for comments.

Munchetty began: “I really don’t understand why the Education Minister in England has such a different attitude about whether or not exams should be canceled from the Education Minister in Wales.

“Across the border, part of the four nations, in Scotland. Why is it so different? Why do we disagree about this? “

Williamson responded, « The best form of assessment and it will be recognized in any study done to determine if you have a teacher evaluation or if you have exams.

“What is always shown when taking exams is that children from the most disadvantaged backgrounds and children from black and ethnic minorities get the best benefit from taking exams and having that test taken. ”

About the MP, Munchetty said: “That is why I am going to extrapolate – please let me interrupt, I would like to take up one point. ”

« From this point on I understand that these disadvantaged children in Wales and Scotland are more disadvantaged because they do not have exams, » continued Munchetty.

« Every study that looked at this has shown that the predicted classes are the most disadvantageous for children from the poorest backgrounds, » Williamson replied.

“Estimated grades and teacher evaluations put black and ethnic minority children at a disadvantage, so we believe exam evaluation is the best form.

« But we also recognize that we must take exceptional measures to help children pass their GCSEs and graduate from high school. « . ”

Munchetty then asked if children from private schools and comprehensive schools would receive the same level of support, but continued to interrupt Williamson when she felt he was not answering her question.

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About The « Inappropriate » GMB moment

« This is a criticism I’ll take very seriously, » Education Secretary Gavin Williamson told #BBCBreakfast. New testing measures, including generous grading, will bring « fairness to the system ». . https: // t. co / APXGu89ZG4 image. Twitter. com / WMyAGyL1iE

One tweeted: « @BBCBreakfast Please remove Naga Munchetty from the presentation, she is very rude and disrespectful to guests and keeps interrupting people. ”

A third wrote: « @BBCBreakfast for God’s sake Naga, stop interrupting and give the Education Secretary a chance to answer your question !!!! »

“@ TVNaga01 @DefundBBC @BBCNews @BBCBreakfast Naga Your take on Gavin Williamson this morning was shockingly uncomfortable and your biased opinion shone through your tone and your general dislike was evident . . shocking !!! ”

One wrote: “Gavin Williamson came off very badly at the BBC breakfast. Why can’t he say he doesn’t know why Scotland and Wales chose differently? Naga’s questions about whether the system was fairer to English public school children than to others also went unanswered. ”

Another shared, « Gavin Williamson ignored the host and kept talking about what he wanted to talk about. Classic around the clock. Wish Shows had the guts to use mute buttons when they start steamrolling. #bbcbreakfast. ”

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World News – UK – Naga Munchetty to be « removed » from BBC after « unprofessional » clash with Tory MP

Ref: https://www.express.co.uk