. World News – UK – November ends on the 14th. 785 COVID-19 cases and 407 deaths in Greater Lincolnshire


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In November there was 14. 785 new coronavirus cases and 407 COVID deaths in November, the largest months in the region to date.

The government’s COVID-19 dashboard on Monday also showed 383 new cases and eight deaths. 297 new cases were recorded in Lincolnshire, 48 in North Lincolnshire and 38 in North East Lincolnshire.

The numbers also showed eight new deaths, including four residents in North Lincolnshire, three in Lincolnshire, and one in North East Lincolnshire. They are responsible for deaths in and out of hospitals as well as for residents of hospitals outside the county.

The total number of cases in November is 14. 785. October had less than half as many (7. 132) for the whole month. Only 820 cases were recorded in September.

NHS England reported 10 new hospital deaths on Monday, including six in the Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust and four in the United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust.

Data from Monday showed Boston has risen from the eighth highest infection rate in the UK to the second highest. The infection rate in Boston is 515. 9 per 100. 000 inhabitants. On the 27th. November it was 430. 4th.

Lincoln is now with an infection rate of 338 from Aug.. on the 11th. Jumped place. 4, of 331. 3 on 27. November.

In all other districts except Boston and Lincoln in the greater Lincolnshire area, the infection rate has decreased. West Lindsey remained unchanged.

On local news, mass voluntary coronavirus testing began at the University of Lincoln on Monday. Students must test negative every two and three days before they can go home to their families for Christmas.

Lincoln Castle Illuminated has been canceled as Lincolnshire due to the latest coronavirus restrictions from Jan.. December was classified in Tier 3. The event should take place from 5. December to 3. January take place.

A national study showed that COVID-19 infections fell by 30% during the second lockdown. In England, however, cases are still generally high. Health Secretary Matt Hancock said we could « not take our foot off the pedal yet ». .

Researchers have also found that the R number (reproduction rate) has dropped to 0. 88, showing that infections are gradually decreasing. This means that 10 people infected with coronavirus will pass it on to fewer than nine other people.

Township Secretary Robert Jenrick said the stores will be given 24/7 permission to trade around the clock as Main Street tries to make up for some of the losses it has suffered since the pandemic began.

On Tuesday MEPs will vote on a new tiering system. If approved, Greater Lincolnshire will be available from Jan.. Impose Tier 3 (very high) restrictions for at least two weeks in December. This is what it means for Greater Lincolnshire:.

The base of the Margaret Thatcher statue is erected in Grantham. | Photo: Kylie Warrington

There was heavy backlash over the weekend after it was revealed that South Kesteven County Council is planning to raise up to 100. Spend £ 000 on the unveiling of a Margaret Thatcher statue in Grantham town center.

The cabinet of the authority will be asked on Tuesday the expenditure for the signing of the unveiling ceremony for the 300. 000 pound bronze statue of the Iron Lady. The fundraiser may be run by the public, businesses, and others.

It is set to a 10ft (3). 2m) high plinth to prevent vandalism so it is above 6. A total of 4 meters high.

David Coulbeck asked, “What does the Council think of 100. £ 000 for a bust of the woman who crippled Britain? In these times, the money could be much better spent.

« The public should have been consulted first, after all, the council spends its money. ”

Phil Thomson commented, “It is abhorrent to spend so much tax money on such an action.

“What happens at the meeting where such a proposal is made? An expense review is required. Because of Tory politics during this hideous and cruel tenure of politicians, people continue to suffer. ”

Allan Binns said, « This is bloody disgusting, the woman literally took milk from children, then shut down mines, and then decided it was okay to tax a poorer person like a millionaire.

« Reduced social welfare budgets when I was in care and abused because there wasn’t funding to get adequate care from a social worker. « .

“Be ready for this“ monument ”to be constantly damaged, not by me, I would add. ”

Lee Cox wasn’t impressed either: « I’m absolutely incredulous and at the same time desperate that you might get so cold and numb.

« You have 400. £ 000 in tax money secured – our money – they could use it to help people who live in poverty and / or many other good things, but instead they choose to give it to us all on a huge scale. I hope the bloody thing falls over and crushes you 😡 ”

Samantha Jeffery also said, « 300. 000 pounds for the statue, then 100. 000 pounds to reveal – how much does it cost? Do you fly in Lady Gaga and U2 for entertainment ?!

« The best part of half a million pounds to give a giant finger to all of those who are currently losing their jobs, businesses, homes and livelihoods due to this incompetent government … it would be a joke if not sad! ”

Some even suggested, perhaps sarcastically, that they would be willing to do the job themselves or hand out the tools to damage the monument.

A Facebook event for an « egg-throwing contest » in the state of Grantham in February has more than 7. Received 100 responses.

Some comments have better understood Thatcher’s connection to the city and its potential impact in encouraging more women to enter politics.

Andrew Rudd said, “I have not chosen a proper way to spend public money, and I detested her in every way for ruling the country.

« However, as the first female Prime Minister and from Grantham, I can see that a statue can be justified. ”

Others jumped in their defense. Philip Mark Bristow said: “Well spent for Britain’s greatest peacetime Prime Minister. ”

Paul Sansum said, “Great Prime Minister, only the left hate them. Made us proud to be British, she didn’t bend her knee to the rabble.

“Miners and other unions brought chaos to our lives. she got up to them.

« Survey tax was a great idea. The mistake was that the councils could decide how much should be the same for all and that the councils should administer that amount.

“I can never understand the poison some people have on the first female prime minister. ”

The statue has attracted not only local but also national attention, including a response from online satirical magazine The Poke, which has compiled a list of humorous responses to the news.

People doubt a 10 foot pedestal will protect the new Margaret Thatcher statue – our 9 favorite answers. https: // t. co / TU2E5kcSuX image. Twitter. com / 1VsJVjNRQU

Political blogger Rachael Swindon contrasted the expenses of a local food bank that was forced to deliver 39 tons of food in one year.

« These 100. A thousand pounds would be enough to buy each Grantham resident twice their own toothbrush, with enough change to buy thousands and thousands of cans of essential groceries, « she said.

“You could even afford to toss in a few mince pies as a seasonal gesture of goodwill. ”

The council has tried to defend the story, indicating that it is hoping the money will be raised independently.

Opposition member Ashley Baxter, however, said the report « seems pretty clear that Conservatives are glad [SKDC] is taking the bill ».

Market Deeping Alderman Adam Brookes said, “There is no guarantee of the amount of secured external funding, so there is no gap in SKDC funding. ”

Boris Johnson is still Prime Minister and they are still putting up a statue of Thatcher.

I’m sure people will remember how great Margaret Thatcher was when we put this 20 foot electric fence around her statue to prevent further vandalism.

In 2003, David Blaine locked himself in a box 30 feet in the air and starved to death for weeks. The British public responded by dangling a burger in front of them using a remote-controlled helicopter.

Margaret Thatcher (nee Roberts) was born and raised in Grantham. She attended Kesteven and Grantham Girls’ School before receiving a scholarship to study at Oxford University.

Her father Alfred, a grocer, was mayor from 1945 to 1946. She entered the House of Lords in 1992. She was Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990.

Plans to build the statue in Parliament Square in London have previously been rejected by Westminster Council because they feared protesters would attack them.

Tier 3 infected areas, including Greater Lincolnshire, are better able to put in loose restrictions if they accept support for mass testing, said Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

The program was originally tried out in Liverpool and Mr Hancock said it had stalled cases and allowed them to move into Tier 2 starting Wednesday.

He said the government had given Tier 3 areas « a faster way out of the toughest restrictions to help them come down the levels ». .

Councils can claim £ 14 for each test performed. He said the offer is available to all third tier areas and the government has already received « significant interest ». .

« By using tests that can change results in less than 30 minutes, we can identify and then isolate people with COVID, especially one in three people with COVID who don’t have these symptoms at all, but who do. » can still pass the infection on.

« If you have COVID without symptoms, you can still infect others, and of course that is a silent danger.

« You would not know that you are risking life around you. So if you are offered a test please take it – you could save a life. « . ”

Mr Hancock said he knew restrictions « have been really tough on people, » but added, « The good news is that they have worked. « .

He said cases were down 30% over the past week. . “This shows that the national restrictions have been successful.

« Through all of the national lockdown compliance measures and through everything the people have sacrificed, we have eased pressure on the NHS, reduced the number of coronavirus cases and brought this virus back under control. « . ”

Testing at universities began today and will have students, both with and without symptoms, voluntarily tested.

Health bosses in Lincolnshire previously said that a more targeted program targeting high-priority groups such as factory workers and nursing homes would be preferable.

Mr. Hancock also announced that the country has now ordered 357 million doses of seven different vaccines.

Before the briefing, community secretary (and Newark MP) Robert Jenrick announced new planning laws that would allow stores to « stay open late into the evening – possibly 24 hours in some locations ». .

It is because the government is trying to help people shop for Christmas and is encouraging people to get out.

Mr. Jenrick said he wanted to provide a « more comfortable and safer shopping experience » for everyone.

« Our priority right now is to open non-essential retail stores and support them as much as possible, » said Jenrick.

Historian Dan Snow will retell the story of the famous Dambusters raid in 1943 in a three-part documentary on Channel 5 airing this week.

Operation Chastise was an attack on German dams that began on Sept.. and 17. May 1943 by the Royal Air Force 617 Squadron, later called The Dambusters, with a specially built « jumping bomb ». .

The opening episode of « The Dambusters » will be aired on Tuesday the 1st. December, broadcast at 9 p.m.. Dan travels around Lincolnshire airfields speaking about the formation of the RAF’s 617 Squadron, led by Commander Guy Gibson.

The episode focuses on recruiting and training the Airmen for the mission, with Commander Gibson having just eight weeks to assemble a crew that can fly at low altitudes at night, as well as developing the bouncing bomb.

Episode two and three will be played over the following two nights on Wednesday and Thursday (2. and 3. December) broadcast.

The shop used to be Tasty Vintage, but it opened on Nov.. Closed in September. The owner continues to act as an online sales point, but the property has been marketed without success as it has for six months.

Lincoln City Council planners issued Mr. S. Ulph got permission to use the former vintage clothing store No.. 9 to be integrated into the rest of the residential building on the upper two floors.

The ground floor for which the application was made includes the shop, storage room, kitchen and toilet.

Documents presented to the council stated that the store “could be used as an entrance hall with a home office or reception area behind it.

« The main habitable living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and bedrooms could all be on the first floor, possibly with a bedroom at the back of the property being quieter, » they said.

Representatives of Mr. Ulph, Brown & Co, said the proposal had « no inheritance » effects and was in line with planning guidelines.

Mr. Ulph plans not to make any changes to the exterior of the building, only « minor renovations » inside.

The three-story building is a listed building and was built in the first half of the 19th. Century built. It originally belonged to the contractor William Vickers.

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World News – UK – November ends on November 14th. 785 COVID-19 cases, 407 deaths in Greater Lincolnshire
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November ends with 14785 COVID-19 cases, 407 Deaths in Greater Lincolnshire

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