World News – UK – Nuno is proud of the team’s heart after suffering a setback from Jimenez


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Jimenez suffered a severe blow to the head after just five minutes of the clash in the Emirates and had to be removed from the field and taken to a London hospital for treatment. The head coach said the striker is now awake and responsive and will be subject to further scans.

The Wolves didn’t let the severity of the Mexican’s injury bother them, however, and Nuno was pleased with the heart and the belief that his players were recovering from the early setback to take the three points.

« He is currently doing a scan, but he is aware that he is okay with the severity of the problem. From the reaction of his teammates, from everyone [he knew it was serious], you hear « code red » and if it is code red, it is serious.

« It’s serious, it was a bad moment for everyone and the game was hit hard. both teams, both players, Arsenal players who are worried about him and we wish him everything is fine.

« It made a huge impact and you saw the seriousness of the reactions from doctors on both teams who immediately ran to help. You see the panic in their eyes and begin to wonder how he’s doing.

« But he speaks, he is aware, but he is doing a scan and now we need to have a correct assessment but he is in good hands. ”

Raul’s head injury is examined with a scan in a London hospital. We will continue to update with more information as we have it. image. Twitter. com / y2lowSYUxD

“Amazing. I’m very proud today, very proud. I always am, but especially today because this team showed a heart today, a will, a belief, the way they run, they work and it was really good to see.

“It affected the players, but they got through that moment and we played well. When things are wrong, the best place to focus is on forgetting what happened. Today the team performed very well.

« Arsenal are a huge club with such a talented squad it’s huge for us, but it’s not about dynamism, we have to look for it. « . Football is a game of ups and downs and we can’t always trust things to happen, we have to let them happen ourselves. ”

« There were many things that were wrong, but we’re going to work on that now. We will analyze the game. We will see things that we need to improve. « .

« There are so many things that we have to improve for this team, but we did a lot of things well in the first half, but we couldn’t keep the ball in the second half either.

“Even though we had a chance to break on the counterattack but we defended the penalty area well, we didn’t allow too many chances but there was always a sense of danger because Arsenal had the ball but I think we did all pockets filled because the players worked so hard.

« There were moments when we were even but we were too low on the pitch so the players need to be adjusted but this week we will work on it – that is our job. « . ”

See you then! “Wait for 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙩 Touch from Daniel Podence while the wolves take the lead. . . 🤤📺 Watch on Sky Sports PL📱 Follow #ARSWOL here: https: // t. co / MQyoPBmHgR📲 Download the @ SkySports app! image. Twitter. com / VyJHRFhMQt

« We have to improve, we don’t want to be so predictable, but we will never let go of what we have that is so good. our foundation, our shape, our identity – we will never miss it.

« But we can grow within the game, improve our game, get more players involved, and that requires different aspects of the game, and we have to be more responsive to losing the ball. At the end of the game, we couldn’t hold the ball or control the game.

“We want to grow, we want to improve, we want to have solutions. We have done things very well many times, many, many times, and we can do really well in other ways as long as we keep the same foundation.

“Our foundation today reflected how the players work, how they believe in themselves, how they respect each other, how they work as a unit, but we have to move on.

« Today was just another game – a special one because of what happened and it means a lot to us and we have to keep going because I have a very difficult challenge next. ”

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World News – GB – Nuno is proud of the team’s heart after suffering a setback from Jimenez


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