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NXT Takeover WarGames started the matching of the women’s WarGames. Who is ahead: Team Shotzi or Team Candice?

NXT Takeover WarGames will be released on March 6th. It will be broadcast on December 12th by the COVID Wrestling Center (CWC) in Orlando, Florida and will be the final NXT PPV event of 2020. There are only five games planned for the show. Timothy Thatcher faces Tommaso Ciampa in an alpha dominance match. Dexter Lumis and Cameron Grimes fight in a strap match. Leon Ruff defends his North American NXT title against Johnny Gargano and Damian Priest in triple threat. And then there are the two WarGames matches. On the one hand, Ember Moon, Rhea Ripley and Io Shirai compete with Shotzi Blackheart against Candice LeRea’s team of Toni Storm, Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez. For the men, Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly, Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish from Undisputed Era will face Pat McAfee’s team of Pete Dunne, Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan. The show can be followed live and on demand on the WWE network.

WarGames begins with WWE getting the most out of this Black Sabbath license with a long video package. Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett are at the ring at the CWC when ring announcer Alicia Taylor explains the rules of WarGames.

Candice LeRae’s team comes out and Dakota Kai goes to the ring. LeRae, Toni Storm and Raquel Gonzalez are locked in the shark cage. The Shotzi Blackheart team comes out. Shotzi built a new tank. It’s big enough for the entire team to stand on and pose, and it shoots smoke from its canon and scares Kai. Cool entrance. Blackheart is about to go down, but Ember Moon insists that she start the match.

The match starts with a one-upswomanship between Moon and Kai. Kai manages to stay ahead, but only about ten seconds before the first new addition. Shotzi Blackheart comes to the ring and takes a toolbox from under the ring, which she throws into the ring. Blackheart destroys Kai first and when Kai can fight back, Moon wakes up to double them. And that’s long enough for Raquel Gonzalez to get to the ring. She annihilates both Moon and Gonzalez and even the Powerbomb Blackheart against the side of the cage.

Gonzales and Kai work together to put the baby faces down until Rhea Ripley enters the cage. Ripley and Gonzalez have a star down and Kai attacks Ripley from behind. Blackheart and Moon pursue Gonzalez and the momentum changes again when Ripley kicks Kai in the ass in one ring and Blackheart and Moon kick Gonzalez in the ass in the other. Ripley hits Kai out of the toolbox with a mallet and also uses her belt as a weapon. Gonzales finally manages to beat their opponents, so she and Ripley have this duel . . . about twenty seconds before Toni Storm enters the cage.

Storm brings kendo sticks into the cage and immediately tears off several turnbuckle pads. The heels dominate for a while until the first ridiculously choreographed six-person train of the night, which brings everyone down when Io Shirai comes to the ring. Shirai brings a ladder into the ring, and then Gonzalez kicks her face in the door, sending her to the ground. Shirai wakes up and installs another ladder, and Gonzalez does so at the same time as the ladder. Shirai is kept out of the cage and the heels go back to work.

Shirai wakes up and throws a chair into the ring. She keeps getting chairs until Gonzales notices. This time she tries to fight back and even manages to kick Gonzalez in the face with a chair, but Gonzales still recovers and kicks her to the floor. Toni Storm uses her studded belt to lock the cage door. Shirai tries to climb up the side of the cage, but Gonzales kicks her off.

Now it’s LeRae’s turn to get to the ring. Shirai tries to fend them off, but Indi Hartwell comes out of nowhere and pulls Shirai out from behind. LeRae and Hartwell stack more weapons in the ring. Hartwell locks the cage door and puts the key in her shirt so the umpires can’t get it.

Now Team Shotzi is really in trouble. They are invited to a kendo stick party and Candice tries to pin Blackheart down, but the referee doesn’t count. Since Shirai never made it into the cage, the pinning portion of the game hasn’t started yet. A brawl ensues with everyone standing in the center of the ring and Io Shirai appears on the platform at the top of the cage. She puts a garbage can over her torso, jumps out of the cage and takes everyone down. Okay, that was pretty damn cool.

Shirai is finally getting revenge for everyone who keeps her out of the match. With the odds of winning there is still a back and forth for each of the different pairings in the game. Some highlights: Kai knocks Shirai twice off the top rope with a garbage can around Shirai’s body. Lots of people take chair shots. Moon hits an eclipse of the sun on Kai on two erected steel chairs, with Moon going ass first through the chairs in a bump that I can imagine cost five years of her career. Blackheart hits a Senton off a ladder at LeRae, but LeRae pulls a chair over him, so Blackheart is also taken out. Shirai hits a moon poke on Kai from the cage. Gonzales Powerbomb Shirai through a ladder between the two rings on two chairs, which brings her the pen and the victory.

It’s hard to complain about an opening game like this. Good action, if a little inventive up to the part where Shirai tried to get into the ring. After that everything went smoothly and there were some big spots. The solar eclipse on the chair and the power bomb through the ladder looked the most brutal.

Bleeding Cool’s live coverage of NXT Takeover WarGames continues. Check back soon for the results of the next game.

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