World News – UK – Pete Buttigieg on importance of accepting 2020 election results in Fox News interview


Pete Buttigieg spoke about « the important role of those who lose » during a Fox News interview on Tuesday

Speaking to Neil Cavuto of Fox News, the former Democratic hopeful for president and former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, said: “Accepting results is one of the most important functions of democracyThe comments came during discussions of potential protests and violence following the election

« We have to accept the results that our democratic system has presented to us, » said Buttigieg « We have to remember that if it takes time to get the final results, it is because people are doing their jobs », by counting all the votes that have been cast

Buttigieg also touched on the role of social media and big tech companies like Google in the election, saying: « These companies really have to take some responsibility for what they amplify » He added that the companies « want to play. on both counts, ”claiming they are not responsible for what users post while amplifying more controversial content because it earns them more money

« We’re going to have to have an updated theory of accountability… a different level of accountability, » he said

Buttigieg also appeared on « The View » on Tuesday, where co-host Ana Navaro asked him why he made so many appearances on Fox News ahead of the election, given the network’s right-wing leaning

« So here’s how I think about it Most Fox News viewers don’t agree with me politically and the people who control the content on this network are certainly not always fair, to my mind. opinion, but I know it too, ”he said « I can’t blame someone for not supporting my point of view, if they literally never heard it. So it’s my job to make this point of view known to viewers who are listening, in good faith, and one of the good things that comes out of our very troubled political moment is that I think a lot of people are questioning the old ways, including a lot of Republicans who say, ‘Okay, you know, I have voted republican all my life but that’s not what I had in mind ‘”

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News from around the world – UK – Pete Buttigieg talks about the importance of accepting the 2020 election results in the Fox News interview


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