World News – UK – Pompeii excavates corpses of masters and slaves killed 2000 years ago


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Archaeologists have discovered the remains of two men who died in the volcanic eruption that struck the ancient Roman city of Pompeii almost 2. 000 years ago.

The bodies are believed to be a wealthy man and his male slaves who were killed while fleeing the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79.

The couple, who were close together, are believed to have escaped the initial stages of the eruption when the city was covered in volcanic ash and pumice stone, only to be killed by an explosion that occurred the following day.

Her remains were found during the excavation of the ruins of a once elegant villa with panoramic views of the Mediterranean on the outskirts of Pompeii.

The explosion « appeared to have entered the area from many points and surrounded and buried the victims in ashes, » Pompeii officials said in a statement.

As with the discovery of other remains at the Pompeii site, archaeologists poured liquid chalk into the cavities left by the decaying bodies.

The technology that was used in the 19th. Developed in the 19th century, not only conveys the image of the shape and position of the victims in agony, but also makes the remains appear like statues, according to Massimo Osanna, director general of the archaeological park.

Experts said the younger man, who was likely between 18 and 25 years old, had multiple compressed vertebrae, which led them to believe he was a worker or a slave.

The older man between 30 and 40 years of age had a stronger bone structure, especially in the chest area, and also wore a tunic.

They were found in the corridor of the villa under a layer of gray ash of at least two meters (6). 5 feet) deep.

Fragments of white paint were found near the older man’s face, likely remains of a collapsed top wall, officials said.

« The victims probably took shelter in the cryptoporticus in this subterranean space where they believed they were better protected, » said Osanna.

Instead on the morning of Oct. . 25, 79 A. . D.. . « A blazing cloud (made of volcanic material) arrived in Pompeii and . . . killed everyone she met on her way, « he added.

« It is a death from thermal shock, as her clenched feet and hands show. « .

Osanna said the find was « really extraordinary » while Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini stressed the importance of Pompeii as a place for study and research.

The bodies of the men are the latest in a series of discoveries made by excavations at Pompeii in recent years.

In May 2018, the headless remains of a man who tried to escape the eruption were found crushed under a rock.

Vesuvius remains an active volcano. While excavations continue near Naples, tourists are currently banned from the archaeological park due to national coronavirus measures.

Pompeii, eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. Chr. , Vulkan

World News – GB – Pompeii excavates corpses of masters and slaves who were killed 2000 years ago
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