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Jordan Mattinson’s appeal received a staggering amount of 4. 000 tote bags full of groceries after taking inspiration from the Manchester United star

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A scaffolding contractor inspired by Marcus Rashford’s campaign for free school lunch vouchers during the holidays did an amazing feat of his own.

Jordan Mattinson, 27, is worth 11. 000 pounds of food secured to feed children during the Christmas holidays.

He delivered 20 tons of food, which was around 2. Will feed 000 families in his hometown of Whitehaven, Cumbria.

The amazing amount of 4. 000 carrier bags full of groceries was so large that a trailer truck had to be delivered to a social club, where it was stored before distribution.

Jordan and a group of friends launched the Copeland Christmas Food Project after the government rejected requests to extend free meals for children during the festive break.

Although the government eventually reversed the decision, the group continued the project.

You can now feed thousands of children from more than 50 different schools.

« When Marcus Rashford asked the government to extend the free school meals into the Christmas break and they said no, I started the fundraiser, » Jordan said.

« We just wanted to donate food to a few schools whose children needed it, but it grew in the arms and legs.

« I put a crowdfunder online and set a goal of £ 500, but we had more than 11. £ 000.

« We’ll be 2. Can support 000 families, we reached out to so many schools who were so grateful and said they had children who needed help.

« We do not engage directly with the families as this is very sensitive to them and some of them find it embarrassing, but we ask the schools how many children they have for free school meals and we donate it to the schools distribute it to the families who need it. « 

The organizers bought 26. 000 individual items in Aldi’s Whitehaven store, which consists of 4. 000 carrier bags. Each family received two bags of groceries.

On the advice of the local food bank, the group prioritized long-lasting foods like pasta, rice, and soups, which were valid for the entire two-week holiday season.

Jordan added: « It came to 32 pallets, the packing was very laborious, there were about 50 volunteers.

Manchester United footballer, Marcus, has received countless awards and has even been recognized by The Queen for his off-field work fighting child poverty.

The 23-year-old has made two government U-turns to free school lunches and funded businesses and individuals across the country to do their part to help.

But Jordan insisted that youth in his area still needed help – and he was « overwhelmed » by the response from schools and people in need.

He added: « The response has been overwhelming. It was just an amazing response from the community, all of the volunteers and companies that have helped us.

« It opened our eyes. The more we’ve done this, the more we’ve seen how many people actually need help.

« You don’t realize it’s that prevalent, people are really fighting and it’s hard for them.

« People have had a harder time this year than previous years with the pandemic and people losing their jobs. As a result, more children are getting free school meals than ever before.

« The response from people in need has been overwhelming, the schools have been so grateful for the help and we have received messages from people who have needed help.

« Since our food will not be perishable, they will keep families for a later date if needed and hopefully help and make for a more pleasant Christmas. « 

A Whitehaven Academy spokesperson said: « We’d like to say a big thank you to the Copeland Christmas Food Project for providing food parcels for our families.

« Fantastic effort from the team and the wider community. Together, no child in Copeland will go hungry this Christmas. « 

Marcus is going to be tonight (Monday, Sept.. December) in the BBC his own documentary Marcus Rashford: Feeding Britain’s ???? s Children ‘s show highlighting his this year’s journey to raise awareness across the country on the impact of child poverty in the UK.

Marcus Rashford, School, Manchester United F. . C.. .

World News – GB – Scaffolder, inspired by Marcus Rashford, receives £ 11. 000 foods to feed children
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