World News – UK – Scotland is the first country to offer universal products for free time


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Monica Lennon of Scottish Labor, who campaigned for the release of products from the time in public toilets and workplaces, is awaiting approval of her bill from the Scottish Parliament after it has been endorsed by the Scottish Government.

The Free Provision Bill (Scotland) introduces a legal right to free access to tampons and sanitary pads in schools, colleges, universities and other public buildings.

However, Ms. Lennon said that while the legislation will be « world leading » and « groundbreaking », schools should also provide « menstrual education » to all students to remove « the stigma » of periods and that she will work with unions to « improve the dignity of time in all workplaces ».

Her member’s bill has reached the final stages of the bill despite initial opposition and Ministers’ reasoning that the cost could well exceed the estimated £ 9. 7 million a year.

Before the debate, Ms. Lennon said she was optimistic that Holyrood would finalize the bill this afternoon and that other countries would follow suit.

« There is already free access to historic products in many places in Scotland, but this legislation will embed and build on the advances made so far, » she said.

“Once access to time products is secured for all, our next steps must be to ensure that women’s health in general remains high on the political agenda in Scotland and that we are all stigmatized stop with menstruation. This should start with menstrual wellbeing education in all schools.

“Scotland is an example of good practice and other countries around the world have an opportunity to learn from what we have achieved in terms of period poverty in just a few years. ”

The bill was introduced by Ms Lennon last year after years of campaigning to end poverty. This issue was highlighted by Trussell Trust Scotland after it was discovered that many women and girls who have access to its food banks also need toiletries. It was also a subject in Ken Loach’s 2016 film I am Daniel Blake. This ensures that anyone who needs them can access free products, including in schools, colleges and universities.

Ms. Lennon said, “We are on the final mile of a long journey and I am encouraged by the support for the Period Products Bill. I am optimistic that we will complete this landmark journey today.

“Scotland won’t be the last country to make history in the history of poverty – but it has a chance to be the first now. This law ensures that nobody has to do without essential products.

“Thanks to a courageous grassroots campaign and bipartisan support, Scotland has already taken great strides to improve access to historic products. Legislation is a leading global opportunity to ensure menstrual period dignity for all women, girls and people who are menstruating. ”

She also paid tribute to the campaign’s supporters of “a broad coalition including trade unions, women’s organizations and charities,” adding, “Thousands of supporters have played a role, including people who shared their experiences of poverty in time and myself I am grateful to all of them. ”

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World News – UK – Scotland is the first country to offer universal products for free time
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