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Forwards Kayden Jackson and James Norwood are back in the mix for Ipswich Town. PICTURED: PAGEPIX / ROSS HALLS

Injuries to Kayden Jackson, James Norwood and Aaron Drinan left Oli Hawkins to carry the majority of the blow during his first Town campaign. The former Portsmouth man has only scored once in his 12 appearances to date.

Jackson, Norwood, and Drinan have all returned to training in the past few weeks, despite the latter pair only completing two training sessions this weekend before clashing with Shrewsbury, which means Lambert is real options for the first time this season has attack.

« Kayden Jackson has only really come back, he hasn’t played much football since the Tottenham game last season, » said Lambert.

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« James hasn’t been around for a long time. Aaron was on the road for almost 10 weeks.

« They are still up to date, they are nowhere near fit, but the good thing is that they are back and training, that’s the good thing. « .

« You are the last line of the golden egg, you have to round it all off.

« The front guys have to take a bigger risk and be more clinical because all of the good work when we have the ball has to be done. « .

« They are the strikers, they are the ones who have to make it, and the creatives have to go and create for them. « . ”

« I think we’re playing really well. I think we dominate a lot of games and it just ends the good job they do.

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« And the good thing is that the guys realize it for themselves because we’ve talked about it and they know how well we’re playing and it’s just the finishing touches. « . If they continue to do hard work, you will usually be rewarded. “Although Lambert has attack options, the current 4-3-3 system only offers space for one central striker. It doesn’t sound like that’s going to change anytime soon.

When asked if more than one of his strikers could be accommodated, Lambert said: « Not in this system, the system we play. Hopefully the system goes down to the U23, down to the U18. I think it will be a good sign for the club’s future. ”

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World News – UK – « Take more risks, be more clinical » – Lambert’s challenge to bring strikers back


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