World News – UK – The benefits for millions are only expected to increase by 37p over the next year, the government says


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Millions of people will see their benefits only increase by 37p a week for the next year, according to the government.

The benefits of « Legacy » – as well as those of supervisors – will only increase by 0. 5 percent – that’s an extra 37p per week on top of the £ 74. 35 Standard rate of unemployment benefit or sickness and disability benefit, work and support benefit.

Two million people – many of the UK’s most vulnerable – claim these benefits. The separate Carer’s Alliance will increase by just 34p, with the increase being even smaller for children and those under 25.

The lack of growth is due to the fact that the universal loan has increased by £ 20 this year – and the state pension has increased by £ 2. 5 percent.

Therese Coffey, the labor and pension secretary, told MPs on Wednesday that benefits – outside of the state pension – will be increased according to the consumer price index (CPI). .

She said, “All other odds are incremented according to the CPI – which was 0. 5% in the relevant reference period.

« This includes working-age benefits, benefits to meet additional needs due to a disability, carer benefits, retiree bonuses for earnings-related benefits, statutory payments and additional state pensions. ”

Stephen Timms, Chairman of the Commons Work and Pensions Committee, said, “Aside from the headlines, the government has released an announcement on benefit rates that will be a major blow.

« Millions of people on universal credit now face excruciating uncertainty ahead of the holiday season, not knowing whether the government will cut their income by £ 20 a week next April.

« In the meantime, those with older benefits who have already missed the promotion because DWP systems are too old-fashioned receive an increase of only 0. 5% next year.

« The government needs to reconsider – if it doesn’t, some of the most vulnerable people in society will face a harsh winter with no extra support. ”

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© 2019 thelondoneconomic. com – TLE, International House, 24 Holborn Viaduct, London EC1A 2BN. All rights reserved.

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World News – UK – Benefits for millions are only expected to increase by 37p next year, the government said
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