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World News – UK – TV show tries to curse two of Britain’s worst serial killers

. . The New Zealand network apologized after sharing a picture of Fred and Rosemary West with a message from their children.

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Two presenters on the New Zealand Breakfast TV Show have turned red in the face after being tricked into calling two of Britain’s worst series killers.

The hosts turned to a light-hearted section, Today’s the Day, where they had viewers submitting photos of their loved ones in hopes of getting a mention

However, one joker thought it funny to send in a picture of Fred and Rosemary West and asked the hosts to keep their 30s. Celebrating wedding anniversary.

The TV presenters did not get the real names of the British couple who murdered more than half a dozen people, but their picture was plastered on the screen.

They said the photo of ‘Francis and Violet Eastwood’ was their children’s favorite photo and claimed it was taken on their honeymoon in 1990.

The hosts said, « Your lovely children Dan, Rachel and Edwin, who say you are the most caring parents you could ask for. « . «  »

Rachel Howard, general manager of corporate communications for the network, told the New Zealand Herald: « A picture of Rosemary and Fred West was sent to the breakfast team along with a false backstory for our Today’s the Day segment. Unfortunately, this wasn’t caught before it aired. « 

« We sincerely apologize to our viewers for seeing this onscreen error. Jenny-May spoke to our viewers as soon as the mistake was discovered and noted that we take responsibility for getting things right and we are now adding extra steps to ensure that we are not being exploited in this way again will.

« We’re disappointed that someone has misled us when this daily segment is an opportunity for our audience to share their positive news. «  »

Rosemary was born in Northam, North Devon in November 1953 and began dating future husband Fred, who was 12 years her senior, when she was only 16.

Over the course of 20 years, the couple tortured, raped, and murdered women, many of whom were buried under the floorboards of their Cromwell Street home

The couple were finally caught by police in 1994, but Fred killed himself before he could stand trial in January 1995.

However, Ms. Rose was later convicted of ten murders, including that of her daughter – Heather, who was buried under the couple’s garden terrace – and sentenced to life in prison.

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World News – GB – TV show attempts to verbally abuse two of Britain’s worst serial killers
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