World news – UK – WWE NXT Results (09/23): Match Eliminator Gauntlet, Plus!


Welcome to our live coverage of WWE NXT, broadcast live on the US Network Gauntlet’s very first elimination match announced for the show to determine the new number, a candidate, for the NXT Championship On top of that there will be a battle royale to also create a number one candidate for Io Shirai

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Tonight’s WWE NXT kicks off with the battle royale over who will challenge Io Shirai in the upcoming WWE NXT Takeover event Tegan Nox is revealed to have been attacked backstage before the match by Candice LeRae, attacking her knee previously injured

Rhea Ripley gets the first elimination of the night with Jiyah, who is one of the new faces in this match Raquel Gonzalez matches her by throwing Raven out of the ring Ellie is then thrown out of the ring as Ripley throws her just through- above the top rope and in the guard rail

Ripley continues this by taking out Marina Shafir and Gonzalez matches her by throwing another new name in the match She then hits another elimination as Gonzalez and Ripley continue to dominate this match Ripley hits a big boot in the face of another recruit who tries to launch himself on the upper rope

Catalina then tries to go to the top rope and Gonzalez copies Ripley by simply kicking her in the face and out of the ring Kacy Catanzaro is then seemingly knocked out, but she doesn’t land on her feet and then uses her incredible athleticism to place her feet under the bottom rope and she snaps back into place!

As we come back from the commercial, a few other unknown names are gone and once again Catanzaro is nearly wiped out, as she leaps from plexiglass to steel stairs However, as she reaches the stairs, Indi Hartwell launches her. throws and once again Kacy lands on the railing

She then turns to Kayden Carter to bring her back but she is eliminated and then carries her into the ring.Finally, Gonzalez and Ripley end up throwing their hands together and they end up eliminating each other as they continue to brawl over outside, to be separated

Indi Hartwell tries to take out Catanzaro again, but this time she spins around the ring post and throws Catanzaro herself Dakota Kai and Candice LeRae then start working together against Kacy and this time she is knocked out with a running boot to the young wrestler.

The two heels team up again, this time on Shotzi Blackheart, but she defends herself, dodges Kai’s running boot and throws her out of the ring Shotzi then tries to take out Candice but she clings to the rope, keeping her dreams alive

Shotzi hits an inverted slingshot then brings Candice up onto the ring apron, but LeRae fights to come back, only to be shaken by an intensive enziguri Blackheart then misses with an attack on the ropes and Candice almost eliminates him

Shotzi fights, then climbs up to the top turnbuckle, but LeRae fights back and the two women fall onto the apron Shotzi pulls Candice into the ring apron and she falls on the steel stairs, but LeRae manages to push Shotzi away. with his feet to win the game!

Damian Priest says his replay match is huge he says as good as Johnny his reign doesn’t end anytime soon He says tonight Austin Theory is a guy whose record doesn’t match his talent However , it sucks to be him because he will continue his domination

Behind the scenes, some of the tag teams are arguing, and Fandango comes up with a plan to determine who will become their number one contenders He explains it in a complex way, but it seems like partners from different teams will have to team up and then win to qualify for a game and become number one contenders?

Both men get stuck right away, but it doesn’t take long for Jake Atlas to start throwing hands at his rival.However, Tommaso Ciampa responds with a huge forearm smash and both men start then to brawl outside, Atlas making the most of the situation

He looks to do what Ciampa did to him before under the ring, but he runs into the ring then nails Atlas with a clothesline He throws Atlas into the turnbuckle but he bounces and hits a forearm as he continues to fight against the former NXT champion

Atlas nails a kick to Ciampa in the corner and he follows him with a kick to the face, then a moonsault on the outside to retake Ciampa Inside the ring, Atlas goes to the top rope and nails the blockbuster but Ciampa kicks off

Ciampa quickly turns things around by nailing the Willows Bell, and he goes for the pin but then withdraws He talks about the trash to Atlas then nails the end of the fairytale and this time he goes for the pin to win

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World News – UK – WWE NXT Results (9 / 23): Gauntlet Eliminator Match, plus!


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