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World News – UK – WWE SmackDown Results, Recap, Grades: Champions face off ahead of Survivor Series

Roman Reigns, Drew McIntyre, Asuka, Sasha Banks, and other champions all talked about their upcoming games

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With the WWE Survivor Series only two days away, the Go-Home edition of SmackDown mainly focused on ticking the last boxes before pay-per-view. SmackDown filled the remaining spots on the men’s and women’s Survivor Series teams, and some visitors came from Raw to face their opponents ahead of Sunday’s event.

The big headlines before the show focused on WWE Champion Drew McIntyre returning to SmackDown to share the ring with Universal Champion Roman Reigns and sign her match contract. Raw tag champions The New Day also appeared on the show, meeting up with up-and-coming opponents The Street Profits and Raw women winner Asuka to speak to SmackDown defending champion Sasha Banks.

CBS Sports was with you all night bringing you recaps and highlights of all the action. Read on for everything you need to know if you get off the PPV-Go-Home edition of SmackDown.

McIntyre came to the ring to sign a contract with Reigns before a commercial. After the hiatus, it took Reigns’ hit music and the Universal Champion a long time before stepping in, which forced McIntyre to sit in the ring and wait for him. Reigns made his way to the ring and took another long break at the end of the ramp and again at the ring steps. The government forced WWE Official Adam Pearce to step away from his seat so he could take the chair at the top of the table.

Reigns stared at McIntyre and told him he knew he was going to beat Randy Orton on Raw to win the WWE Championship back. Reigns also said that McIntyre had long been the right man in the right place at the wrong time. McIntyre said he knew what Reigns was trying to do, but he wouldn’t turn a table and beat him because he already had his match on Sunday. McIntyre said he would only do what he was told to show up and sign the contract. McIntyre signed, telling Reigns to use his last two days of peace to prepare for war. Reigns told McIntyre that he is a secondary champion and prop, while Reigns is the champion and the face of the promotion. The world champion then said that one day McIntyre will love him for the lessons he taught him, and Reigns will love him again in a moment because McIntyre will always be his « favorite number two ». « 

It was refreshing to see a contract signed in WWE that didn’t result in a brawl. This is extremely rare in the history of these segments over the past few decades. The messages conveyed by both men were solid, meaningful, and added weight to a match that had no real commitment beyond personal pride. Reigns looked better than McIntyre, but that’s exactly what happens when you speak to The Tribal Chief word for word. Note: B

Rollins made a backstage promo at the show’s opening hour, paying tribute to everything Murphy had earned since becoming his student. Rollins promised to give one final lesson and then send Murphy back so as to have no one and nothing.

Murphy def. Seth Rollins on pinfall after meeting Murphy’s law. Murphy was escorted to the ring by the Mysterio family before being jumped by Rollins at the start of the game. After tying Murphy on the ropes, Rollins tried to pull a kendo stick from under the ring, but Rey Mysterio grabbed the stick. Rollins attacked Rey, then attacked Dominik Mysterio before Murphy freed himself, only to be quickly knocked to the ground by Rollins, who then began chasing after Aalyah Mysterio when the show went public. After the break, Rollins and Murphy were back in ring wrestling as usual. Murphy managed to survive a Rollins Hawk Arrow to meet Murphy’s Law for Victory and to celebrate with the Mysterios after the victory.

It was nice to see Murphy take the win, if not obvious given the reports that Rollins is headed for planned time off as he and Becky Lynch await the birth of their child. It is a little inexcusable to use Rollins walking up to Aalyah as a commercial transition to get back from hiatus without mentioning what happened. Did Rollins want to physically attack a 19-year-old? What stopped him? Dramatic transitions have no weight if only they are « in the moment the show ended ». « Note: C

The new tag & The Street Profits def. Robert Roode, Dolph Ziggler, King Corbin & Sami Zayn on pinfall after Montez Ford hit Zayn with a frog splash. The match took place after The New Day opened a promo on the show and faced the four paragraphs only to be saved from the profits. During the game, Kingston hit a crossbody from the top rope but accidentally hit Ford, causing problems between the teams. Despite the misunderstandings, the Profits managed to win the game for their team by holding onto Zayn, who purposely stayed out of the game to the last stretch.

Daniel Bryan was backstage when Zayn entered his interview. After Bryan laughed at Zayn, Zayn tried to confront him only to be knocked off the floor. Zayn left the area, saying that Bryan was lucky enough to focus on facing Bobby Lashley at the Survivor Series. Bryan interviewed and shared his troubles with Roman Reigns and Jey Uso after he was attacked by Uso a few weeks ago after the Survivor Series qualifier.

Adam Pearce announced that Otis and Bayley have been selected to join their respective teams for SmackDown at Survivor Series. Natalya was upset that she didn’t get a seat, but was told that she would have a match to come to.

Survivor Series Qualifying Match – Natalya Defeated. Tamina by submission to the Sharpshooter. This was Natalya’s third attempt to qualify for the team, and eventually the job was done in a short match.

Carmella attacked Sasha Banks for the third week in a row. Banks and Asuka were in the ring discussing their upcoming Survivor Series match when Carmella walked in and charged, hung Banks in the corner and kicked off the ball before going off.

Daniel Bryan def. Jey Uso on pinfall with a roll up. Uso wasted little time in the match before snapping, taking Bryan out of the ring and clearing the announce table, but Bryan was able to shoot back before Uso could use the table. This situation was temporary, however, as Uso’s body dropped Bryan through the table minutes later. Bryan, still dealing with the injuries to his kidneys from Uso’s previous attack, attempted to lock a LeBell lock in, but Uso reciprocated by pounding him in the injured kidney. After eating a series of super kicks, Bryan knelt down from Uso to roll up for the win.

S U P E R P L E XWhat a fight on #SmackDown! @WWEUsos @WWEDanielBryan picture. Twitter. com / Ptm0igEdvs

« I told you to watch out, Banks! I just checked and Boss Time is over. « – @CarmellaWWE 💄💋 @ WWEAsuka isn’t the only superstar @SashaBanksWWE should be concerned about. #SmackDown #SurvivorSeries image. Twitter. com / 0kXjNFKkl4

For the third time in a row @CarmellaWWE is sending a MESSAGE to #TheBoss! #SmackDown @SashaBanksWWE picture. Twitter. com / 7lbzNVWMhc

After @WWE_Murphy took the BIGGEST Victory of his career over @WWERollins, @WWE_Murphy celebrates with @reymysterio @ DomMysterio35 & @ 11Aalyah! #SmackDown picture. Twitter. com / zlNcTGq1Ds

It’s not @WWERollins vs.. . @WWE_Murphy. It’s @WWERollins vs.. . The ENTIRE Mysterio family, and that’s how the #flavordown saver likes it. @reymysterio @ DomMysterio35 @ 11Aalyah picture. Twitter. com / B1FkYgr9iJ

« @DMcIntyreWWE, you will always be my favorite no. 2 « – #UniversalChampion @WWERomanReigns #SmackDown #SurvivorSeries @HeymanHustle pic. Twitter. com / eYP9uyDU8Q

Headed by @itsBayleyWWE, the # SurvDivorSeries team is looking for the # TasteDown Women 𝑺𝑻𝑨𝑪𝑲𝑬𝑫! 💙👏 #TeamSmackDown @YaOnlyLivvOnce @RubyRiottWWE @BiancaBelairWWE @NatbyNature pic. Twitter. com / I2EyF1hekO

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