World News – United States – 13% of peak Covid cases in Delhi linked to air pollution: medical profession


Air quality in Delhi: levels are an annual problem with the onset of winter and stubble burning (File)

Delhi has reported more than 6,000 new cases of Covid every day since November 3 and 13% of these could be linked to increased air pollution, the IMA (Indian Medical Association) said on Saturday

The IMA has advised people not to venture outside early in the morning, when pollution levels are at their highest and the elderly and children – considered to be at higher risk of ‘coronavirus infection – are more likely to develop infections and allergies

« Patients susceptible to respiratory diseases may have difficulty breathing if air quality levels (AQI) are between 50 and 100 An AQI of 300 makes it difficult even for those who are otherwise in good health ”, said Dr Rajan Sharma, president of the medical profession

On Saturday morning, the nation’s capital recorded an average AQI of 443; a rating of 401 or higher is an indicator of « serious » pollution

Medical experts, for several weeks, have been emphasizing the link between air pollution and Covid infections and warning that unless air quality levels in Delhi and other major cities and regions of the country are brought under control, the COVID-19 virus is likely to spread further

Last week, a study by six researchers from different European institutes concluded that 17% of the 126 deaths linked to Covid lakh could be linked to exposure to air pollution

On Saturday morning, the national capital recorded an average AQI of 443, meaning « severe » pollution levels

Earlier this week, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal banned firecrackers ahead of Diwali celebrations next Sunday, citing links between air pollution and a spike in COVID-19 cases

M Kejriwal also said that no new manufacturing units will be allowed in the city’s industrial areas Air pollution levels in Delhi have also been affected by the burning of farm stubble in Punjab and Haryana

The resulting toxic cocktail of smog and pollution has worsened the respiratory and health conditions of Delhi residents and increased Covid cases

The city registered 6,953 new cases on Saturday and on Sunday more than 7,000 were registered So far Delhi has reported more than 43 lakh cases, including nearly 7,000 deaths

The IMA stressed that apart from immediate measures to protect itself, long-term measures must be implemented to reduce air pollution levels

The medical body recognized that banning firecrackers and stubble burning were « useful public health measures, » but urged people to adopt others, including using public transport. common, choosing to buy fuel-efficient vehicles, planting trees and green cover, promoting recycling and using solar (or renewable) energy sources

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World news – United States – 13% of the ear of cases of Delhi’s Covid linked to air pollution: medical profession


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