World News – United States – Florida just became the most conservative state to approve a $ 15 minimum wage that could raise wages for 25 million workers, supporters say


Just under 61% of voters supported the amendment on election night It took 60% of the vote to pass, like all other citizen voting measures in Florida

Florida is the most conservative state that has yet to approve the $ 15 hike, joining California, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York Florida was the first state to do so by vote

The vote will help lift more than a million households out of poverty, the Florida Policy Institute (FPI) said, and raise the wages of about 25 million people – or one in four workers in the State

The move will benefit service workers the most, said REIT, especially those in the state’s tourism industry

It would « also bring Florida closer to racial and gender equity, » the REIT said, as women and people of color are « historically over-represented » in low-paying jobs

The change in the minimum wage will also lead to an increase of $ 577 million in additional sales tax revenue in 2026-2027, according to data released by the REIT

« Florida’s current system has long failed to cope with the rising cost of living in the state, » the REIT said, adding, « the COVID-19 crisis and the economic recession have had a disproportionate impact on Floridians who are already struggling to make ends meet »

Opponents say rising wages will hurt small businesses, especially those in the tourism industry, many of which are already suffering from the impacts of COVID-19

Florida’s last minimum wage increase in 2005 was also caused by a voting measure, and the state legislature never raised the minimum wage

Wage increases will be phased, with first increase to bring Florida minimum wage to $ 10 an hour in November 2021

The initiative was strongly supported by attorney and Orlando businessman John Morgan, who spent more than $ 5 million on the vote

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden wants to raise federal minimum wage to $ 15 an hour, from $ 7 an hour25, but President Donald Trump says states should be able to set the figure on their own

In 2019, the United States House of Representatives passed a plan to gradually increase the federal minimum wage to $ 15 an hour by 2025, but this was rejected by the Senate

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News from around the world – United States – Florida just became the most conservative state to approve a minimum wage of 15 $ It could raise wages for 25 million workers, supporters say


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