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. . World News – United States – Gov. Witmar speaks at 6 am. M. , Is expected to announce more COVID-19 restrictions

. . County health officials are meeting with Whitmire to inspect new public health orders.

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government. Gretchen Whitmer wears a face mask before a news briefing on the COVID-19 pandemic in Lansing Friday, May 1, 2020. Photo courtesy of the Michigan Governor’s Office

Lansing, Michigan – govt. Gretchen Whitmer is expected to announce additional statewide restrictions on the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) Sunday night.

The governor is meeting with county health officials from across Michigan to inspect what are expected to be new public health orders to deal with the continuing rise of the Coronavirus statewide, as confirmed by several county health officials with MLive Sunday, November.. 15.

The meeting between Whitmire and health officials is expected to take place before her sixth health. M. Announcement, Ingham County Health Officer Linda Vail and Washtenaw County Health Department spokeswoman Susan Rengler-Cerniglia confirmed.

Whitmire will make this announcement Sunday along with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Chief Medical Officer Dr.. Johnny Khaldoun, and College of Medicine and Health and Healthcare director Robert Gordon, according to a consultant from Whitmire’s office.

Local health officials said they did not know what additional restrictions were. The letters were left with a spokesperson for the governor’s office, as well as the governor’s legal advisor, to request further clarification.

Michigan saw a huge growth in COVID-19 cases, with a total of 7,072 new cases on Saturday. That’s three to four times as many additional cases as the worst days during the initial statewide shutdown in the spring.

The data released in November.. 14 There are also 65 new deaths reported, 36 of which came from examination of death certificates. The state has now recorded 251,813 cases of COVID-19 since the pandemic began in March and 7,994 deaths.

State data shows that 71,170 coronavirus tests were treated on Friday, with 13 tests. 9% are positive. The rate of positive tests has exceeded 10% since November. 1 The country and nation have also seen a surge in new cases.

The latest hospital statistics show 3,220 people in hospitals with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 on Friday.. That’s up from 3,186 patients on Thursday.

In order to control these numbers, the Department of Health and Human Services issued public health orders similar to Whitmore’s executive orders that the Michigan Supreme Court overturned on party lines in early October..

Gordon derives his authority to issue the order from the Public Health Act, which states: “If the director decides that controlling an epidemic is necessary to protect public health, the director may by an emergency order prohibit the gathering of people for any purpose and procedures can be established to be followed during an epidemic To ensure continuity of basic public health services and enforcement of health laws. Emergency procedures should not be limited to this symbol.

In addition to the statewide increase, several Republican lawmakers in the state tested positive for the disease in the past week.

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Michigan Coronavirus, Gretchen Whitmer

World News – US – Government. Witmar speaks at 6 am. M. , Is expected to announce more COVID-19 restrictions
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