Great America PAC, a leading pro-Trump Super PAC, and its chairman Ed Rollins today announced that their devastating new ad titled « Fracking Liars » will air at the biggest college football game in Pennsylvania this week-end Scheduled for Saturday night, the Ohio State vs Penn State game features two nationally ranked teams and is expected to attract a large following, especially in Pennsylvania. Hard-hitting « Fracking Liars » ad reveals Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ dishonesty on fracking, which is a key issue in Pennsylvania

« President Trump’s path to re-election is through Pennsylvania, so this is where our latest efforts are focused, » Rollins said. « Biden and Harris’ dishonesty on fracking is a pressing issue that will move undecided voters in the state We are extremely proud to have raised and spent $ 45 million from 300,000 donors since the inception of our PAC Our efforts have always been effective, innovative and have had a significant impact We believe that they will help secure a second victory for the president in 3 days « 

The powerful « Fracking Liars » commercial, linked below, will air during the Penn State game tomorrow as well as the pre-game of the Philadelphia Eagle Sunday Night Football game, according to Ed Rollins

Great America PAC is a pro-Trump Super PAC leader led by seasoned Republican strategist Ed Rollins Since 2016, the group has raised and spent $ 45 million to support Donald Trump’s candidacy, presidency and agenda The group is one of the most active on the national political landscape, with more than 300,000 contributors, broadcasting more than 30,000 TV spots and 300,000 radio commercials, making 30 million phone calls and SMS, sending more than 25 million articles mail and keeping a roster of millions of active and engaged Trump supporters across the country

I can easily live on a budget of $ 60,000 (including tax) but often it’s less than that Health insurance is probably one of the most, if not the most, crucial considerations you will need to take before leaving your job

The amount people set aside for retirement, of course, varies by age group See how your savings stack up

After the worst week since March, investors should be defensive, build watchlists and wait for a new positive direction in the stock markets

Fisker stock rose when it debuted on the New York Stock Exchange on Friday as blank check mergers continue to drive inventories of electric cars

The U 2020S election takes place on November 3 with President Donald Trump and former VIce chairman Joe Biden fighting for the leadership position Gold Price Analysis: US Presidential Election Will Play huge role in shaping the global economy and gold prices are expected to react as election day approaches So how important is it for gold to the safe haven asset that Biden or Trump go to the White House? « There is no doubt that we will likely see increased volatility in the stock markets as Election Day approaches and investors in safe havens like gold, especially if the race between the two candidates is very close and that there is a growing risk of challenge, « writes Saida Litosh, head of precious metals analysis at RefinitivBiden or Trump Impact: If the past is any indication, a second Trump administration would mean a » turbulent and polarizing first term  » which in turn would add more volatility and uncertainty, although the potential for radical policies might be lower in the second term Congress remains divided, Refinitiv points out, however a victory at Biden would represent a return to a more conventional administration resulting in less volatility associated with political risks and international tensions »Historically movements in the price of gold following the US presidential elections suggest little evidence of a clear relationship between the price of gold and the election outcome based on party membership. » says LitoshBryan Slusarchuk, CEO of Fosterville South Exploration, claims that for thousands of years gold has served as a hedge against uncertainty, a currency and a store of wealth Trump and Biden have pledged huge amounts of stimulus and huge amounts of easing « Both [Trump and Biden] have strongly supported various policies that amount to quantitative easing and therefore gold should respond well no matter who is elected, » says SlusarchukAu- beyond the financial conditions, which will serve to propel gold higher, we must see the function of gold as a hedge against uncertainty, says SlusarchukGold on an explosive rise: Slusarchuk says this election will be perhaps the most controversial election in US history « It can be contested, the outcome may not be certain and its legitimacy will be without any doubt questioned in some circles, regardless of the victorious camp, « says SlusarchukHe believes that a bitter and contested election would also potentially have many negative consequences, and would represent the very definition of uncertainty against which gold protects itself.“I think gold has explosive potential in the coming months and this is based on economic and financial conditions, but the uncertainty of the election outcome will only serve to accelerate its upward trajectory,” adds Slusarchuk. : The SPDR Gold Trust (NYSE: GLD) was up 037% to $ 179 at time of publication Monday, while the VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF (NYSE: GDX) was up 089% to $ 38.55 See more Benzinga * Click here for Benzinga options trades * Check out The Benson On Madison Ave With condos on sale starting at 5M (PHOTOS) * Why GameStop’s stock is trading lower today (C) 2020 Benzingacom Benzinga does not provide investment advice All rights reserved

In recent months, AT&T (NYSE: T) has formed a downtrend as its dividend yield increased Shareholders brace for the worst ahead of its third quarter earnings report Instead, the AT&T stock rebounded sharply from annual low to nearly $ 27 today
Source: Roman Tiraspolsky / Shutterstockcom

In addition to the generous dividend yield of the 7Range of 5%, investors can resume stock accumulation despite its other risks.
In the third quarter, AT&T saw impressive growth in the number of subscribers in wireless and fiber broadband It increased cash flow and reaffirms that the financial strength of the company has continued over the period The giant Telecommunications Added Over 5 Million National Wireless Accounts InvestorPlace – Stock News, Stock Tips & Trading Tips
As part of this, it added over a million postpaid customers and 245,000 prepaid net additions The net churn rate of 069% is a marked improvement from 077% last year

7 coronavirus stocks to buy for the second wave

Entertainment group performed well with AT&T adding 357,000 Fiber customers Yet premium TV losses are troubling but expected
A closer look at the AT&T stock
WarnerMedia’s national subscriptions to HBO and HBO Max were 38 million and 57 million respectively worldwide. Importantly, AT&T noted that « National HBO and HBO Max subscribers do not include customers who are part of a free trial »
Investors shouldn’t take the small detail of including trial users lightly.Once the trial is over, the user base may either drop sharply or not grow as much as the numbers imply.
The company did not say how much it had lost from the Warner Bros. film and television unit Yet its spending fell to $ 36.2 billion, from $ 36.7 billion last year Turner’s programming costs rose due to the shift in sports programs for the first part of the year
Apple iPhone launch (NASDAQ: AAPL) is a positive catalyst to drive growth in wireless subscriptions For example, customers need low-band spectrum to get inside buildings So, while continuing to upgrade its network, it will promote the launch of the iPhone simultaneously This will lead to low churn rates, thanks to the satisfied customer base
AT&T is managing its cash flow well despite potential headwinds from its media division It has yet to give direction on its capital spending plans When it does later this year, investors will have a better idea of ​​how which it manages to spend relative to cash flow Current financial strength suggests dividend is very secure
If AT&T changes any of his expenses, he is more likely to buy back more shares or increase his dividend slightly This would signify the confidence he has in his balance sheet
Income investors would accumulate more AT&T shares In addition, the very low interest rate environment would encourage investors to hold its shares rather than stay in cash For AT&T, low rates will lower the cost of interest on the debt when it is renewed
Just value
Click to enlargeSource: StockRovercom
On Simplywallst, the estimated fair value is $ 70 This is based on its future cash flow discounted to present value
Conversely, the company has strong characteristics of profitability Look at the gross margin, to the right It is on par with the industry and above that of the S&P 500 index:
To achieve full value, AT&T still needs the activity of the Warner unit to recover The Covid-19 environment harmed the business earlier this year
Although infections are on the rise again, Warner has around 130 productions in progress By comparison, it had 180 active productions in February, before the pandemic hit.
Chances are California and New York will face increasing restrictions due to pandemic Beyond holidays and winter season, spread of virus could ease
In addition, the government will approve a vaccine by then, further lifting restrictions In this scenario, investors must buy AT&T and hold onto it for the long term This is the least risky way to play the reopening of studios and the film production activity
Disclosure: As of the date of publication, Chris Lau had (neither directly nor indirectly) any position on any of the titles mentioned in this article
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If you are married you will often be more successful with a joint claiming strategy for Social Security benefits As I wrote last time, it usually works best if both spouses are close in age and the one spouse has earned much more than the other during their working life Divorced and widowed spouses may receive spousal or survivor benefits (benefits based on the lifetime earnings of the spouse) with certain restrictions

« It’s hard to say the country doesn’t have infrastructure issues, » says Scott Davis, CEO of Melius Research Well, there is a huge need for more coronavirus testing and tracing capabilities larger and more accurate – and that will help the companies that supply them (ABT) ”(ticker: ABT) Six coronavirus tests led to a 39% increase in sales of diagnostics in the third quarter

Markets are down, but not collapsing Investors remain concerned about coronavirus and Tuesday’s election remains on hold Uncertainty dominates the day, exacerbated by recent market losses Wall Street, however, s ‘expect the bulls to start chasing next week’s results again – who wins will be less important than having a result Meanwhile, market declines and low stock prices make this a prime time to buy – if you judge the bottom correctly Do that, and the rest is just buy low and sell high « And to that end, Wall Street analysts have flagged stocks that may have bottomed Using the TipRanks database, we identified three of those stocks Each is down significantly, but each also has a Strong Buy consensus rating and upside potential of at least 30% for the next few months Fury Gold Mines (FURY) Gold – just the precious metal asset – became popular during 2020 The coronavirus crisis and investors’ desire for a stable store of value pushed it above $ 2,000 earlier this year, and a ounce of gold still sells for over $ 1,800 For those who don’t have these kind of resources, however, buying gold miner stocks may be the best thing to doFury Gold Mines is a Toronto-based small-cap mining company focused on exploiting the vast resources of Canada’s North With mines in British Columbia, northern Quebec and the far north of Nunavut, Fury owns several  » significant gold reserves in surface and underground mines Global gold production has fallen 1% over the past 12 months, suggesting that we may be at ‘peak gold’ and prices will continue to rise soon. This development would bode well for Fury, which operates at a net loss The company was formed earlier this year, as part of a restructuring of Auryn Resources that involved a merger with Eastmain and the divestment of Peruvian mines The result is a development-oriented business Canadian, able to take advantage of Canada’s stable working environment The stock has seen steep declines recently, when the new ticker FURY started trading, taking Auryn’s place in the market and retaining the trading history of the ‘old company The decline saw Fury shares lose 67% this monthCovering the share for Cantor, analyst Matthew O’Keefe sees a lot of benefits ahead The analyst noted:’ Based on an equivalent combined gold resource of 39Moz, Fury is trading at $ 43 / oz against its peers at $ 60 / oz.We expect that as new management makes its mark with new drill results (towards the end of 2020 and throughout 2021) and shows the progress of its projects, the stock should increase « But how much? O’Keefe is $ 2 FURY price target of 60 suggests upside potential of 126% for the coming year and supports his buy rating (To view O’Keefe’s track record, click here ) Wall Street analysts’ consensus on Fury is a strong buy, based on 4 buy valuations with no sell or hold The stock is selling for $ 1.13 and its $ 3.37 average price target suggests it should almost double at over the next 12 months (See FURY share review on TipRanks) Star Bulk Carries (SBLK) Next, Star Bulk Carries, is a Greece-based shipping company specializing in dry bulk shipping, the Backbone of the global shipping industry Star Bulk operates a fleet of 116 carriers, ranging in size from around 50,000 tonnes to giant Newcastlemax bulk carriers valued at over 200,000 tonnes The business disruption caused by corona has been difficult for industry and SBLK did not exc eption The stock is down 47% year-to-date However, the company’s financial performance this year has been in line with its historical pattern – the first half of a calendar year saw a net loss, while the second half shows net gains The 1H20 losses were normal for SBLK’s model – and the outlook for Q3 is a return to net earnings, with EPS projected at 30 cents Covering this stock for Deutsche Bank, analyst Amit Mehrotra notes a series of related points: « [We] believe the company’s net debt is expected to improve by approximately $ 50 million from 2Q levels, reflecting the generation of cash flow above> $ 40 million from debt repayment in 3Q We also expect the potential breakeven point for the company to drop to less than $ 11,000 per day … Although we remain frustrated with the poor performance of SBLK stocks against the backdrop of the aforementioned improving fundamentals, we remain very confident. that the intrinsic value of SBLK’s equity value improves in the current environment… ”Mehrotra succinctly sums up his vision of Star Bulk:“ Overall, we are encouraged by the company’s fundamental trajectory… ”Analyst rates SBLK a buy, while its price target of $ 15 implies upside potential of 143% from current levels (To see Mehrotra’s track record, click here) With 3 recent buy reviews, SBLK holds a unanimous Strong Buy rating from analysts’ consensus The stock is currently trading at $ 618 and has an average price target of $ 12.09, making a one-year rise from 96 % (See SBLK Stock Market Analysis on TipRanks) Heritage-Crystal Clean (HCCI) Pollution is a problem, no matter what We all want a clean environment in which to live, and we should all be concerned about how modern industrial pollutants are removed Heritage-Crystal Clean inhabits this cleaning niche, providing environmental cleaning services including vacuuming services for street cleaning, industrial and light mechanical parts cleaning technology. res, and a variety of waste recovery services, including the recovery and disposal of petroleum and petroleum products, antifreeze, and general industrial liquid wastes This is an important, often overlooked and vital niche in a technological society Modern After falling into negative territory in Q2, HCCI reported stronger results for Q3 Revenue rose sequentially from $ 74 million to $ 82 million, and EPS rose from a loss of 31 cents to a gain 18 cents Despite the positive results, earnings and revenues remain depressed from last year’s quarter, and the stock failed to regain ground after last March’s decline HCCI is down 49% year-to-date Roth Capital’s Gerry Sweeney, in his comments on the action, notes that “revenues continue to rebound as economic activity improves thanks to COVID shelters in orders The highlight of the quarter was a faster than expected rebound in margins While margins are still down from the pre-pandemic level of 25 last year7%, they are up from Q2 margins of (282 %) This improvement is due to higher labor utilization and asset leverage, lower solvent costs and internalization of waste disposal… ”Sweeney assesses the stock as a buy Its $ 21 price target indicates confidence in a solid 32% rise for next year (To look at Sweeney’s balance sheet, click here) In the past three months, three other analysts have cast the hat with a view on HCCI Three additional buy ratings give the stock a Strong Buy consensus rating With an average price target of $ 20.75, investors should earn 30%, if the target is met over the next 12 months (See the ana HCCI Stock Lyse on TipRanks) To get great ideas for battered stocks at attractive valuations, visit TipRanks Best Stocks To Buy, a newly launched tool that brings together all the information about TipRanks stocks Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in this article are those of featured analysts only The content is intended to be used for informational purposes only It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment

As the world increasingly demands mobility for work and learning due to the pandemic, sales of Apple’s Macs and iPads (ticker: AAPL) have helped offset lower sales of ‘iPhone After all, users have been patiently awaiting the release of the new iPhone 12 5G In terms of iPhone sales, which make up the bulk of Apple’s revenue, fell more than 20% from a year ago on the other

Royal Dutch Shell, Cintas, Newmont and AbbVie were among the companies that announced dividend increases this week Exxon Mobil maintained its payout

Buying a stock is easy, but buying the right stock without a time-tested strategy is incredibly difficult So what are the best stocks to buy now or put on a watch list?

In recent years, penny stocks have become a must-have investment for their low cost.These types of stocks typically trade below the five dollar mark, which makes them ideal for new investors as well. While penny stocks have their fair share of criticism, investing has garnered a cult following over the years. Many find it to be a lucrative investment avenue
Penny stocks are especially popular in times of economic uncertainty as investors seek assets with low cost of capital.
But although penny stocks trade low, they are known for their high volatility.This means they can make huge moves in a single day, generating high returns InvestorPlace – Stock News, Stock Tips & Trading Tips

7 coronavirus stocks to buy for the second wave

Since penny stocks have high risk, it is essential to choose stocks that have high growth potential. With that said, let’s take a look at some of the top stocks to watch for in November None of these bets are safe, but they all have growth opportunities:
Nokia (NYSE: NOK)
Titan Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: TTNP)
Waitr Holdings (NASDAQ: WTRH)
Dynavax (NASDAQ: DVAX)
Rolls Royce Holdings (OTCMKTS: RYCEY)
Neos Therapeutics (NASDAQ: NEOS)
Cinedigm Corp (NASDAQ: CIDM)

Penny Stocks: Nokia (NOK)
Source: rafapress / Shutterstockcom

It’s no secret that Nokia (NYSE: NOK) has had a rough year, and its latest results haven’t helped The telecommunications giant hit a high of $ 514 in August before falling to $ 3.35 this month. this month
But, some events suggest things are finally getting better The Finnish company announced that it had secured a $ 14 million grant from NASA to create a cellular network on the Moon
Nokia will partner with Intuitive Mechanics to build a 4G / LTE network on the moon by 2022 The goal is to create a communication center for future missions and allow better exploration of homes on the moon

Titan Pharmaceuticals (TTNP)
Source: Shutterstock

The biotech space has seen a lot of action this year as the Covid vaccine race advances at full speed Although Titan Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: TTNP) is not a major competitor for the vaccine, it is creating therapeutics to treat the chronic diseases TTNP stock is down 3,931% this year but promises future growth
Sept. Jan. 15, Titan Pharmaceuticals announced that its partner company Molteni has reached an agreement with Accord Healthcare The healthcare company will market and distribute Sixmo in the EU According to Titan, “Sixmo is indicated for the treatment of substitution of opioid dependence in clinically stable adult patients  »
This could translate into increased revenue for Titan and improve its bottom line

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TTNP trended higher last week and may continue to rise Keep an eye on this penny stock

Waitr Holdings (WTRH)
Source: PREMIO STOCK / Shutterstockcom

Food delivery services is another industry that has seen a lot of activity this year. As people work and play from home, food delivery has become an essential service One company that has taken advantage of this trend is Waitr Holdings (NASDAQ: WTRH) Dubbed « mini Uber eats, » Waitr’s stock is on the rise. ‘about 700% this year
Unlike large companies like Uber Eats (NYSE: UBER) and Postmates, Waitr serves small communities.The company’s stock price hit $ 585 this year before falling back to $ 2.57 this month.However, Waitr is showing signs of regaining momentum thanks to a table service app
New technology will allow customers to order food and pay their bills by scanning a QR code on the Waitr app It means customers can enjoy a meal in a restaurant without contact Pandemic is likely to change the kitchen traditional as we know it and Waitr’s savvy new app addresses this ‘new normal’ « If this takes off, then WTRH stock could too

Dynavax stock (DVAX)
Source: Shutterstock

Dynavax (NASDAQ: DVAX) is another penny stock benefiting from the momentum of biotechnology The company uses cutting edge technology to produce vaccines for the masses The stock is currently trading at $ 416 and analysts believe the price could rise
This confidence stems in part from Dynavax’s involvement in the Covid-19 vaccine race.But it’s not about developing the vaccine itself It’s more about developing an adjuvant to be administered in combination with the vaccine from Medigen Dual therapy received a grant from the Taiwanese government and clinical trials have started
And analysts are also expecting sales of its hepatitis B treatment, Heplisav-B to pick up, which may be why analysts’ consensus price target is $ 12, which suggests an increase of more than 200%

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If either of these two options takes off, it could make this penny stock well worth your time.

Rolls Royce Holdings (RYCEY)
Source: Matheus Obst / Shutterstockcom

The name Rolls Royce Holdings (OTCMKTS: RYCEY) is often synonymous with luxury cars, but the current company has little to do with the auto industry itself. Rolls Royce Holdings is in fact a major player in the field of engineering and creates technologies for aerospace, big data and defense.
But as the pandemic has brought its aerospace segment to a halt, other companies are taking over
Rolls Royce recently announced a new R&D investment in its Power Systems business for $ 13.9 million The goal behind this investment is to expand its power generation facility in Minnesota The company is one of nine members chosen to build a power plant nuclear in the UK This is in an effort to reduce carbon emissions in the country This power segment will be a huge growth engine for the RYCYE stock in the future

Neos Therapeutics (NEOS)
Source: luchschenF / Shutterstockcom

Neos Therapeutics (NASDAQ: NEOS) is another innovative company making waves this year The company creates treatments for people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) Neos has hit major lows in recent years but finally puts its dark days behind It Trading at just 70 cents a share, the penny stock is a steal at this price
Sales of the company’s amphetamine treatment for ADHD have stalled during the pandemic However, as classes resume the session via distance learning, drug sales pick up In addition to this, the company has also launched a new co-payment program, Rx Connect The aim of this innovation is to increase the profitability of each prescription

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This technology, coupled with cost reduction initiatives, should help NEOS inventory get back on track Keep an eye on this investment

Cinedigm Corp (CIDM)
Source: Pavel Kapysh / Shutterstockcom

Digital entertainment has become the next big thing this year as theaters remain closed for the foreseeable future Cinedigm Corp (NASDAQ: CIDM) is an entertainment company with a growing presence in this industry The company distributes its products for Hallmark and Televisa ( NYSE: TV), among others, while partnering with bigger players like Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) and Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX)
Although Cinedigm Corp has followed a downward trend, the company recently announced that it will expand its digital streaming segment to television. It has already partnered with Roku (NASDAQ: ROKU) and Samsung to lead this development The new expansion will allow Cinedigm to reach over 152 million eyeballs
At a current price of just 50 cents, CIDM is a penny stock worth watching in November.
On Penny Stocks and Low-Volume Stocks: With a few rare exceptions, InvestorPlace does not post comments on companies with a market cap of less than $ 100 million or that trade less than 100,000 shares each day. Indeed, these « pennies stocks’ are often the playground of scammers and market manipulators. If we ever post any comments on a low volume stock that could be affected by our comments, we demand that the InvestorPlace com editors disclose this fact and warn them. risk readers
Learn more: Penny Stocks – How To Profit Without Getting Ripped Off
At the date of publication, Divya Premkumar did not hold (neither directly nor indirectly) any positions in any of the securities mentioned in this article.
Divya Premkumar graduated in Finance from the University of Houston, Texas She is a writer and financial analyst who has written articles on a variety of financial topics, from investing to personal finance Divya has been writing for InvestorPlace since 2020
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Stocks have a dividend yield of just 104% For more attractive returns among companies with plenty of free cash flow (based on his team’s estimates) to cover current dividends and hopefully , increase them, McMahon appointed General Mills Inc (SIG) with a dividend yield of 330%, and Diageo PLC (DEO) whose US certificates of deposit have a yield of 321% For some industries different metrics are used to assess dividend coverage, so there are three groups of action screens below

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