World News – United States – Imperial County Ensures Safe, Fair and Accurate Elections


IMPERIAL COUNT – ???? County chiefs and election officials hold safe, fair and accurate elections, press release says In an unprecedented election year, local election officials assure all voters that although a final tally may take longer than in previous election years, all votes will be counted

District 2 Board Chairman and Supervisor Luis A Plancarte said, «  The right to vote is one of our most important duties as US citizens and residents of CaliforniaAs county officials it is our duty to make resources and staff available to ensure that all votes count. Â

With a substantial increase in early and postal voting this year, Imperial County calls on voters and media to be patient with the timing of the announcement of election results Election officials say delayed results do not indicate a problem or compromise accuracy

Preserving the integrity and security of the elections is a top priority for county officials, and the Imperial County complies with all local, state and federal election guidelines, laws and regulations, the statement said. Imperial County has trained election officers who work in more than 40 polling stations to ensure they are well equipped to assist voters and protect against fraud and potential security threats

U.S. counties work tirelessly to ensure the security and integrity of the electoral process Counties defend against cyber attacks and traditional security threats After election counties secure vote count, verify vote count election and protect voter information

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World news – United States – Imperial County guarantees safe, fair and accurate elections
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