World news – United States – « Iron Chef America » ​​presenter Alton Brown apologizes for « poor taste » in a comment on Auschwitz outfit


Alton Brown, host of the Food Network’s « Iron Chef America » ​​program, apologized Wednesday for a remark he made on Twitter about the uniforms worn by inmates at the Auschwitz concentration camp

“I apologize for the flimsy reference you made about the Holocaust in my tweet last night,” said Brown, who also hosts « Good Eats ».

“I did not make an indication of the humorous influence but rather how much I was afraid of our country,” he added, “It was a very bad use of judgment and bad taste.”

On Tuesday, Brown, 58, tweeted, « Do you think your camp uniform would be striped, like the outfit in Auschwitz or would it be trendy? »

He deleted the tweet shortly after, but not before stopping anti-Semitism. org got a screenshot of the post and criticized the Food Network TV character for the « outrageous comment »

Iron Chef Americaaltonbrown’s FoodNetwork host spat on the graves of six million Jews with his vile and brutal comment! Pic.twitter com / r0f7MJanh9

One person wrote, “My grandmother escaped Auschwitz. Altonbrown’s making such despicable comments is blameworthy.”

Others have called on the Food Network to dismiss Alton « to show zero tolerance for hatred, racism, or anti-Semitism »

When a Twitter user reinforced Brown’s feeling about what his « camp uniform » would look like and wrote, « Depends on what you deserve when you enter, » Brown replied, « I don’t have gold fillings » a few minutes after the social media user responded to his deleted post Since then he wrote, “It’s okay, take it easy.” Alton answered, “F – k you”

Leora Reese, CEO of StopAntisemismorg, told The Algemeiner Wednesday that Brown’s apology was not enough and called on the Food Network to end its relationship with him

“Alton Brown spat on the graves of 6 million dead Jews during a political rage on Twitter,” she said « When asked to apologize and remove his corrupt post, he had the courage to multiply fanaticism, and tweet about » gold fillings « , in a clear reference to the teeth removed from the mouths of Jews who were exposed to the gas.

“We don’t accept Brown’s apology,” Reese declared. “Alton Brown, an adult man with millions of fans who see him as a role model last night, revealed his locked anti-Semitic rhetoric and we demand that the Food Network stop their relationship with him immediately

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World News – United States – « Iron Chef America » ​​presenter Alton Brown apologizes for « Poor » Taste « in a Commentary on Auschwitz Costume


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