World News – United States – Project Veritas exposes Minnesota’s ballot collection system in the Republic Electoral District of Ilhan Omar


Project Veritas uncovered suspected fraud in collecting ballots in Democratic Republic Minneapolis neighborhood of Ilhan Omar

The secret organization shared a video from July in which an agent named Liban Mohamed boasts that his « car is full » of ballots for his « brother », Jamal Osman, a member of the Minneapolis city council

« Even today we received 300 (ballots) for Jamal Osman, » said Mohamed who claims the only way to win is with money « Money is everything Money is the king of this world If you don’t have money, you shouldn’t be here period, ”he said

The video includes political insider Omar Jamal who, according to Project Veritas, appears to involve Rep Omar in collecting the ballots, calling it « open secrecy » « 

« She (Ilhan Omar) will do whatever she can to get elected and she has hundreds of people on the streets doing it, » Jamal said

CBN News has contacted Rep Omar for comment and his office responded with the following statements: “The amount of truth in this story equals the amount Donald Trump has paid in taxes in ten of the past fifteen years: zero And amplifying a coordinated right-wing campaign to delegitimize free and fair elections this fall undermines our democracy No one in the video was in any way part of Ilhan for Congress « 

While it is not known who may have been behind the collection of the ballots seen in the video, Project Veritas reports that their investigation revealed three places where the program works: Riverside Plaza Apartments, an elderly community at Horn Towers and Minneapolis Services Elections and Voters serving as a place to vote and drop ballots

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In the video, a former political worker brought Project Veritas to a location where participants took mail ballots from elderly Somali people

« At the end of this street there are three towers called Horn Towers and they are all old people and they took all the ballots, » the former worker said « Knock on the door and say ‘Your ballots, come on Give it to me Give it to me' »

“This is totally illegal,” Trump tweeted “I hope the US Minnesota Attorney has this, and other of its many wrongs, under serious consideration ??? If not, why not ?? ? « 

This is totally illegal I hope the US Minnesota Lawyer has this, and other of its many wrongs, under serious consideration ??? Otherwise, why not ??? We will reach Minnesota thanks to her and the police force Minneapolis & Iron O Range saved! https: // tco / yete31P680

The harvest of the ballots was revealed last week in Gregg County, Texas, where four people, including a local commissioner, were arrested and charged with participating in organized voter fraud during the election 2018 Democratic primaries

« Postal voting is an important tool for our citizens over 65 and with disabilities. Postal ballots are also the most vulnerable to cheating and fraud, » said Sen Bryan Hughes (R- TX)

Court battles are expected in the next election, so President Trump’s campaign staff are building an army of lawyers who are preparing to take their concerns to court after November 3

Both sides expect major legal challenges after polling day due to difficulties in counting postal votesPolitico reports that the GOP has a 20-person team focused on major swing states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan

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Project Veritas, Ilhan Omar

World News – United States – Project Veritas Exposes Minnesota Ballot Collection System in Republic Ilhan Omar Electoral District


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