World News – United States – USPS worker claims late ballots are fraudulently back in Michigan – The Jewish Voice


A US Postal Service Insider told Project Veritas Founder and CEO James O’Keefe that his supervisor had asked letter carriers on his job site here that all new voting envelopes should be kept separate in bins, so that the postal clerks can fraudulently seal them by hand as received November 3

The Insider said they were shocked when Barlow branch morning supervisor Jonathan Clarke told a group of letter carriers how late ballots would be handled

Michigan law states that ballots must be received by 8 a.m. on election day, November 3, effective This deadline has been confirmed by the Michigan Court of Appeals

« Our Veritas Insider project is taking a huge risk to reveal the truth, » said O’Keefe, who interviewed the Insider on a video conference call.

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World news – United States – USPS worker says newsletters Late votes are fraudulently delayed in Michigan – The Jewish Voice


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