World News – US – Alton Brown apologizes for « Flippant » about the Holocaust


Food Network host Alton Brown apologized today for a tweet he posted last night referring to the Holocaust. Brown began tweeting about food the day before the election, but his tweets quickly turned into political rhetoric over the past week, culminating last night in A widely criticized tweet comparing the current political climate to the Holocaust While it wouldn’t take a celebrity chef’s taste to reveal notes of fascism baked in this country, the joke that has since been deleted, asking whether a camp uniform would be planned, like the one in Auschwitz, was offensive and unpleasant. Brown tried to amend this in a new post Wednesday morning that wrote: “I apologize for the flimsy reference I made to the Holocaust in my tweet last night.” “It was not a reference for me to the humor effect but rather reflects how deeply my fear of our country is. It was a very poor use of judgment and bad taste.”

I apologize for the false reference to the Holocaust in my tweet last night. I was not a reference to a humorous influence, but rather a reflection of my deep fear of our country. It was a very poor use of judgment and bad taste

Brown’s tweets have become a growing concern since he spoke about food before his election. In Tweets that have since been deleted and posted on November 10, he appeared as a conservative to all his new Twitter friends who were unaware that he was a « politically conservative southerner. » He sometimes carries a Bible and a firearm, « according to a 2016 New York Times profile and explained that he“ voted for Republicans in previous years but I voted for him strongly # Biden Harris 2020 between tweets and vote record, too late The internet has already returned to Guy Fieri’s Flavortown safe haven

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World News – United States – Alton Brown apologizes for « Flippant » tweet


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