World news – US – Arlington National Cemetery is canceling wreaths across America due to COVID-19


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Arlington National Cemetery announced Monday that it will cancel its annual wreaths event across America due to the coronavirus pandemic.. .

Every December, hundreds of volunteers place wreaths on the gravestones where veterans and service members fall into the cemetery.. This year, after carrying out a « comprehensive analysis, » officials said they could « not implement adequate controls to mitigate the risks associated with hosting an event of this magnitude given current and projected infection and transmission rates, while continuing to conduct a respectable and honorable public event. ».

“We did not take this decision lightly. Despite the controls that have been developed to disperse potential crowds in time and space, and the personal safety protocols required, we have determined that hosting any event of this magnitude threatens our ability to accomplish our primary mission of putting veterans and their family members eligible to rest, ”Karen said Durham Aguilera, Director Executive Office of the Army National Cemeteries and Arlington National Cemetery, in a press release.

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« We reviewed several options to safely implement this long-term event and held many consultations with WAA leadership, local government, and public health officials, ». “We understand that although this is disappointing to many, we can no longer envision a way to safely accommodate the large number of visitors we would normally host during this event..

Charles « Ray » Alexander, the superintendent of Arlington National Cemetery, said he « deeply hoped » that the event would be safely resumed in 2021.

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Arlington National Cemetery, Coronavirus

World News – United States – Arlington National Cemetery cancel wreaths across America due to COVID-19


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