World news – US – As bank account yields drop, deposits are increasing


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Savings accounts haven’t paid much in interest for years now, and during the pandemic, revenues have declined even more.

Bank transfer. Kum said the so-called « high-yield » savings accounts have switched from SADAD2. 5% last year on average to pay less than 1% today. But with low interest rates in this economy, people are hiding money nonetheless.

Banks do not pay much interest to savers because they cannot charge borrowers much interest. The Federal Reserve is keeping interest rates near zero, and mortgage rates close to record lows.

« We have had to drastically reduce our returns on savings rates to adapt to the new normal, » said Peter Alden, chief executive of Bay State Savings Bank in Massachusetts.. .

This year, the bank cut interest rates by about half a percent on average across its accounts.

“We have lowered our money market rates and our savings account rates. CD rates the same, we had to lower them as well, ”he said.

Greg McBride, Bankrate’s chief financial analyst. com, when the coronavirus pandemic started, people were worried about the economy and wanted to make sure their money was safe.

He said, « People were more worried about their money coming back than about the return on their money ».

Theresa Gillarducci, professor of economics and policy analysis at The New School in New York, said today’s savers are more likely to be high-income families, people who kept their jobs during the pandemic and have fewer things to spend their money on..

« They save their money by not going on European vacations, going out to dinner, taking the train, or taking their car to work, » she said.

Despite low interest rates, Gilarducci said it’s unlikely that all of that savings will leave individuals’ bank accounts anytime soon..

She said that the most likely thing over time is that « the money will go to more foreign goods and services, and it will be disposed of in the financial accounts. ».

In the past few months, Pfizer and its partner BioNTech have shared other details of the process, including pilot charts, breakdowns of subjects and ethnicities, and whether they are taking money from the government.. They are especially transparent in order to try to allay the public’s suspicion about this vaccine process. Jennifer Miller of Yale University School of Medicine said the next big test comes when pharmaceutical companies release their data, « so that other scientists the public trusts can come in, replicate the results, and communicate them to the public. ». We hope to build appropriate confidence in the vaccine.

How does President-elect Joe Biden plan to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic disruption it has wrought?

in november. On September 9, President-elect Joe Biden announced three co-chairs of the new COVID-19 task force. But what kind of influence might this task force have during this transition period, before Biden takes office? « The transition team can do a lot to amplify and reinforce the messages of scientists and public health experts, » said Dr.. Kelly Moore, Associate Director, Immunization Action Alliance. Moore said the Biden Coronavirus Task Force could also « start talking to country leaders and other experts about exactly what they need to prepare them for effective vaccine rollout. ». .

The unemployment rate decreased in October to 6. 9%, people have returned to the workforce after losing their jobs or giving up their job search earlier in the epidemic. But searching for jobs is no longer easier. Key stats now when it comes to finding a new job? There are almost double the number of job seekers compared to the available job opportunities.

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Savings account and interest rate

World News – United States – As bank account returns decrease, deposits increase


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