World News – US – As COVID-19 cases increase in US, Arizona at Utah becomes week 10 game canceled or postponed


The Pac-12 said on Friday that Utah’s game against Arizona was postponed due to COVID-19 cases in Utah The conference is scheduled to begin the season on Saturday and is now reduced to four games after Cal’s game against Washington was called off the day before

The conference said Utah would not have been able to play the game as there would not be enough stock market players available due to COVID-19 positives and contact tracing This is the 10th game of the coming weekend that has been postponed or canceled

« The cancellation of this game, following the cancellation of the Washington at Cal football game yesterday, is of course incredibly disappointing for our student-athletes and our fans. At the same time, this indicates that our health and safety protocols are working to identify positive cases and cases of contact tracing. While we all want to see our football student-athletes compete on the pitch, our number one priority must continue to be the health and safety of everyone involved with Pac-12 football programs. »

The start date for the Pac-12’s first weekend in November was the latest for any conference at the highest level of college football.While the conference initially pushed the football season into the spring of 2021, it decided to  » a seven-week conference schedule starting in November after reaching a daily rapid testing deal

Daily rapid tests are designed to help stop outbreaks within teams Cal said on Thursday there was only one player tested positive and he was unable to field a team because a whole group of workstations had to be quarantined due to contact tracing So far, there have been no known significant outbreaks among conference teams since daily testing began.

It’s a good thing Minimizing the number of coronavirus cases in a football team is more important than a team playing all of its scheduled matches

But the two cancellations of the Pac-12’s first six games of the season show how little room for error there is for teams trying to play football this fall It’s hard to see how Passes Already in Conference Won’t Continue Throughout the Season Can a Pac-12 team play six games before the Conference Championship weekend on December 19?

Postponed and canceled games have become a regular occurrence during the 2020 college football season Over 30 games have been canceled or postponed during the first nine weekends of the season

The pace has picked up this week And it’s hard not to notice how the increase in game cancellations and postponements has matched the increase in daily coronavirus cases across the United States

The 10 canceled or postponed games are the biggest of any weekend so far this season Although it is also the first weekend that every conference in the country has games scheduled, the Pac-12 is the only conference starting this weekend that has seen game cancellations The Mid-American Conference played its six games on Wednesday as scheduled

Four of the games knocked out of the Week 10 schedule come from Conference USA, a conference that has tried to keep their teams playing throughout the season, and the country’s service academies have also been hit. Air Force vs Army has been canceled due to Air Force coronavirus cases and Navy match against Tulsa postponed due to Navy cases

Frankly, the college football landscape faithfully mirrors the current American landscape. The coronavirus has gone nowhere And it won’t go away anytime soon either

Since it isn’t, we don’t need to prepare for the increase in the frequency of postponements and cancellations before the 10th Saturday of games so as not to be an aberration Hopefully it is But if cases continue to rise across the country as the weather cools, it’s hard to see how college football teams will somehow be spared.

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News of the world – United States – While the cases COVID-19 Rise US, Arizona at Utah Becomes Week 10 Game Canceled or Postponed


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