World News – US – Bill Burr Hosts SNL: Watch The Best & Worst Sketches (& This Monologue)


Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that Burr made all the impression as the host of this weekend’s Saturday Night Live His stand-up routine has boldly took the culture of undo and ‘woke up’ white women, which turned out pretty well (Heck, he even laughed when he joked that Rick Moranis was getting screwed on the Upper West Side. New York City) It was when the comedian made a rant about Gay Pride Month that he seemed to lose some of the studio’s audience (and much of the Twittersphere), until he brings it in to advocate for Black History Month by getting a platform longer than February Offers

Monologue aside, the episode was a qualitative cut above Chris Rock’s season opener from last week, which won a “C-” from TVLine readers in a rare case, the top two skits landed after the weekend update, while the three previously aired skits – including Burr as a callous sports reporter and Beck Bennett as an offline influencer – were total duds

The episode also featured Jim Carrey’s return as Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, this time as the fly on Mike Pence’s head (watch here); paid tribute to the late Eddie Van Halen (via a brief clip of his February 1987 appearance opposite the Robert Cray Band); and a pair of performances by musical guest Jack White, who replaced former vocalist Morgan Wallen at the last minute

Which sketches have caught the eye this week? And what did the mark miss? Rate the episode (as well as Burr’s monologue), then scroll down for all the highlights (and weak spots)

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World News – US – Bill Burr hosts SNL: Watch the best and worst skits (and this monologue)


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