World news – US – CMA Brothers Osborne nominees on their « Skeletons » rock album


Faced with exhaustion and a frightening fit with tinnitus, the Sister Country stars have welcomed the pause that came with the shutdown – but they’re willing to press the start again

Ask any musician how hard it is to get out of the way, away from bandmates, staff and fans – not to mention merchandise receipts and tickets – during a pandemic, and you can hear the pain in their voices

T and John Osborne Aki, the CMA and ACM-winning country music makers, except for the latest release of the duo’s third action album, Skeletons, just make their wheels spin at home in Nashville, rather than their tour bus heading nearby. Than you, that’s more difficult

« We made this record for playing it live, » says John, who is 38 and Osborne’s older brother three years ago, and the fierce foil embellished with deceptive baritone for his brother « The followed concept was let’s do something we can play from front to back in Our live shows and our fans will totally take it up ”

They’ll undoubtedly want to put their cutlery on standby when Maryland-born fans of the Maryland band hear the sound of roaring skeletons from fire and spice Eric Church-meets-German Brothers’ « Lighten Up » to « All the Good Ones Are » « , A mix of hard 1980s rock music that would make Eddie Van Halen grinning A sound bridge suitable for Supertramp, the brothers – with the help of old producer Jay Joyce (Keith Urban, Little Big Town) – covers a lot of ground dropping path The swamp title, and the high-octane musical instrument « Muskrat Greene » sounds like the missing score to Smokey’s shimmering and Bandit chase scene

“We knew we wanted to do something different from Port Saint Joe,” says T.Y for the popular but most contemplative duo of 2018 « Unfortunately, the irony there is that we are starting to do that and now we’re not doing any shows but we’re going to be playing next year and it’ll make it even sweeter once we play »

But the forced break was also a blessing in disguise for the cute siblings, who had been working non-stop for a long time before their 2016 debut, Pawn Shop, which included the betas « Rum » and « Stay a Little Longer », touched upon. Momentum of the record-breaking promotional tour that accompanies success « John and I are really good at stopping, » says Tiye, « We always feel guilty for taking any vacation because we just grew up in a blue collar family once we got off, it was cool »

Especially to John, who had some health problems saying about the dreadful condition that causes ringing in the ears: “I was so tired, and then the tinnitus appeared.” I had to say, “Well, we stopped you about to enter And the recording started in September and I couldn’t do it I was like, “I can’t sleep my ears keep me awake”

He says compassionately, “Things have improved, but I’m still struggling with it but [the break] allowed us to understand how you can still maintain a level of success professionally without killing yourself in the process. Sometimes you forget that you can take time off and may It made us rethink our approach: If it doesn’t really seem like an ultra-clear thing to do, let’s do it.Okay we have the wheels on the road as we move, it’s all right the wheels won’t fall anytime soon  »

The Osborne brothers are competing for this year’s Vocal Duo at the CMA Awards tonight on ABC and will be participating in a multi-artist tribute to the late Charlie Daniels

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World News – US – CMA Brothers Osborne nominees on their well-established album « Skeletons »


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