World News – US – Dale Moss had best reaction to comments on he’s « not ready » for kids


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Season 16 of The Bachelorette took the journey of finding love to a whole new level that shocked audiences and shook fans. Despite all the drama, OG Bachelorette Clare Crawley found love of the season for former NFL recipient Dale Moss – and it seems like things may be moving towards the family-raising couple. After the duo posted a video on TikTok, fans became convinced that Crawley’s campaign to start a family was putting pressure on Moss. Fortunately, Dale Moss’ response to comments that he is « not ready » for kids turned off the haters.

On Jan. . 2 In 2020, the couple accepted the TikTok challenge “It’s Tricky” and gave their opinion. The challenge asks two people (usually a couple) to shed light on their differences and similarities. Usually two words appear on the screen. Then the two people reveal which side of the problem they are on as they move towards that « side ». . Crawley and Moss began the challenge lightheartedly by tackling things like “sweaty” or “getting dressed” and “going out” or “staying in” before moving on to the hot-button issues of parenting.

When « BABIES » appeared on either side of the screen, Crawley quickly slid aside while Moss paused and winked at the camera before Crawley quickly pulled him to her side. It didn’t take long for the comment section to blow up with haters pointing out that Crawley was pressuring Moss to become a father. « Blink twice if you need help, » commented one user, to which Moss replied, « Blink once. « . « Another user commented, » Is anyone getting in the mood that Dale isn’t ready for kids?. . . or is that just me? « Moss replied with » Babbieeesss – having fun with the Internet and especially each other « . « The Babbieeesss seem to refer to Moss and Crawley’s joint interview on The Bachelorette, in which Crawley eagerly replied, » Babies! « When Chris Harrison asked what was next for them. « 

While Moss wasn’t particularly vocal about having kids anytime soon, Crawley spoke up during an appearance on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast in November about wanting to start a family as soon as possible. « I talk about babies all the time and he says, ‘Yeah, that’s what I want, » Crawley said. « I’m going to remind him of things all the time, you know, » I’m not getting any younger! « I’m going to say things like that, and he says, » Do you think I don’t know? Yeah, let’s do that. ’”

Ultimately, Moss and Crawley seem to be on the same page when it comes to family planning, regardless of what the internet has to say about it. More importantly, it really is theirs and nobody else’s business. Let them live!

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World News – USA – Dale Moss had best response to comments he’s « not ready » for kids



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